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Peter Angelos today said, "I hope the Nationals are successful." Now if my students ever again ask me the definition of irony, I'll know how to respond. During an interview in the Baltimore Sun, Angelos went on to compliment their stadium, mention his companionship with Nationals ownership, and wish the team good luck in filling seats, even if it means a few O's fans visit the franchise now and then. Why would Angelos, a former arch-rival of the entire Nationals organization, suddenly change face now? The answer? The end is near. I'm reminded of a Muse song called "Last Thoughts of a Dying Atheist." In the song, the atheist's last thoughts are, "It scares the s*** out of me, that the end is all I can see!" Angelos recognizes the end is in sight for him, and it scares the s*** out of him that he has nothing to show for it. The poor ol' fella recognizes his entire career in major league baseball has been wrecked by mismanagement resulting in failure after failure. Now he remarkably decides to relent and allow the Orioles to rebuild and simultaneously endorses the organization that he once despised. The man is worried about his legacy, and wants to leave this business being remembered as the guy who finally turned it all around. Now we just need Cal Ripken to pick up what Angelos has already shattered to pieces and make this great city the baseball town it used to be. My best buddy, known on Fannation as RebouletThrow, started a blog discussing "Hot and Not" on the O's. He pointed out Luke Scott as a sign of the scorching fury of the O's. I agree with Reboulet. I love this guy. He keeps a notebook in the dugout at all times and takes notes on every pitcher he ever faces so he knows what to do next time they meet. Dave Trembley is trying to emphasize preparation and fundamentals; Luke Scott is demonstrative of his plan, and exemplary of what he is trying to establish in the organization he hopes to change. I think I may have a new favorite Oriole. What's not hot? Adam Jones. The future face of the team is stagnant at best this season so far. Gu3 wisely pointed out that the pressure on Jones is tremendous, citing the impending t-shirt Tuesday and vast media coverage as examples of unrealistic expectations of Jones as a savior of sorts for a struggling team. Gu3 put my disappointment into a new perspective; it's tough to be the face of an organization that hasn't won in a decade, especially when your major league experience is extremely limited as it is. I'll be patient with the new guy for now, but you won't see me buying any jerseys anytime soon with his name on the back. Nat's notes: the boys are in a slide. Cordero is on the DL, Zimmerman has lost his luster, and old Kearns is as average as ever. When I turned off the game tonight, they were down 5 runs against Florida. Plus, they can barely sell half the tickets in the new stadium. Not sure what to make of it, but I still have faith in the young franchise and won't yield in my assertion that Ryan Zimmerman is my favorite player in MLB, period. The Baltimore Blast have a playoff game on Thursday at 1st Mariner Arena. I know these boys won't let me down; Denison Cabral is hungry for another chance at a championship. ROYAL FARMS! ROYAL FARMS! If you have never been to a Blast game, now is the time to go! Finally, I was watching some MASN classic today while waiting for the O's/Texas game to start, and got a rare opportunity to remember the glorious days of Cal Ripken. Watching him step up to the plate for the first time in years sent shivers up my spine. The greatness of the man is still as apparent as ever, his impact on my life and on Baltimore still clearly timeless. I can't wait to tell my grandchildren about him. Will anything in this town ever feel that magical again?


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