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    Okay, so there is this girl named Jennifer from NC who has been with Fannation since September last and as a member of our group for 4 months running. Despite her Carolina residence she manages to maintain a loyalty to the New York Mets and San Diego Chargers, which I am sure she will love to explain to us below.

    Anywho, not only has Jen been a great member of our little group, but she is a very popular regular on the 10 Spot blogs. Here is todays example:

    If you want to check out Jennifer's profile, go here:

    If you want to get to know her better, read her answers to the questions I posed to her below:

1. Best athletic moment?
I've always loved softball and wanted to be a pitcher as a wee child. Unfortunately, I was very tiny and had no formal training, so I could barely get the ball to the plate. I was always the last pitcher selected in all the pre-season drafts and my coaches were always terrified to put me in a close game. Then, when I was 11, my coach said that he saw a natural athletic ability in me and he wanted to train me. I worked my butt off for eight months until the Spring season rolled around. By now, I was 12 years old, but still the last pitcher chosen since no one knew how hard I had been working. I continued to get better throughout the season as I learned new pitches and learned how to use my miniature size to my advantage. We eventually made it to the league championship game and I got the call to pitch the game against the first place team. I threw a no-hitter (and had two hits!) and defeated the top-rated pitcher in the league. I later went on to pitch in high school, successfully, and eventually had a repertoire of nine pitches. But that season when I was 11-12 years old was the first time that any coach had shown faith in me and he helped shape who I am today, giving me a confidence in myself that I had not known existed.

2. Worst athletic moment?
In HS, getting hit in the chest by a line drive. I sprained my back from the force of being jolted back and missed six weeks of playing. I also had a huge softball-sized bruise on my chest for months.

3. Last movie you saw?
"Leatherhead" - I really wanted it to be great because I love George Clooney and Jim from "The Office." Sadly, it was not that great. Boring, predictable, and all the funny parts had already been shown in the TV previews.

4. If you had $1M?
I'd probably buy a new car and a small house. I'd put the rest in investments so that when I retire in 45 years I won't have to worry. That will free up money throughout the next 45 years to use for life adventures, since I won't have to put anything into retirement.

5. Fannation is?
A place to purchase cooling devices.

6. Last CD you bought?
I don't remember. I have bought a CD in years. I download music. Legally, of course.

7. Most proud of?
My family. Winning the The 10 Spot Write Your Own Joke Contest. My softball skills.

8. Favorite Food?
Big salad and ribs from Texas Roadhouse

9. Dream job?
Astronaut. But I want to go to the moon or Mars. I don't want to just go to the space station. Or a train engineer.

10. Role Model?
My parents. Jennie Finch. My old pitching coach. Jim Valvano, even though I was young when he died. I want to live life with the passion that he had.

11. Fav. TV show?
All-Time: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Current: The Office

12. In a word, I am?

13. Last book u read?
Two huge enormous gigantic engineering textbooks. I know... not fun reading.

14. Love to meet?
Jennie Finch. tyler hansbrough (I want to see if he really falls over when you touch him). Pedro Martinez. Cat Ostermann.

15. Take everything from me but leave me my?
I'm assuming this means material possessions and that you're not going to take my family from me. I would save my photograph collection.

16. What is your best advice for everyone?
Just work hard at everything you do. Don't do anything halfway. Live life to the fullest and try to find joy in whatever you're doing. Laugh. Make others laugh. Find something to believe in and find someone to believe in you.


    Thanks Jen for being such a good sport as to answer these ridiculous ?s about your life on a sports site.


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