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 C:Hey Cooz how's it going?


C:I'm great

C:Cooz what do you think is your best accomplishment on FN?

S:Best mean other than landing this interview, right? Of course you did...

Honestly, I'd say it's just the ability to chat it up with people who all, at our root, have two things in common: We love sports and we're bored out of our minds/wasting time.

It's getting to know people, and enjoying their friendship (Blue Moon for Schwartzy). It's creating rivalries with other members (anyone remember that Terminator guy? He hated me). Helping Ben, Coletrain, Ravensfan and DJ with their writing.

At the risk of getting more dramatic and cheezy, I'll just say it's being a part of the community.

C:What do you think are the Steelers draft needs?

S:Drafting someone with the smallest chance of beating his wife and/or girlfriend would be pretty high on their list, I would imagine.

A strong, versatile offensive lineman who doesn't beat his wife and/or girlfriend would be fantastic, though. Like most every other amateur draft forcaster, I really like Virginia's Branden Albert. I wouldn't even be surprised to learn the team would move him to tackle at some point, and they still may take a G higher in this draft. Albert is going to be a great player, though.

WR is probably a concern, mostly due to the fact they seem to love to throw the ball now, and their 1 and 2 are locked, but their 3, Nate Washington, is going to sign his RFA tender soon here, and has enough talent to price himself out of their future plans. He's got a year left, so they should start looking to find someone who can fill that role next year, and I'm not sure if Willie Reid, Walter Young or Dallas...whatever his last name is, can do that. Baker, maybe?

D line help would be good. They need to get Snacks (Casey Hampton) a good flanking end or two to build on for the future. Not sure if Ryan McBean will be their guy, and their D fell apart without him down the stretch last year.

FS will be another interesting position...Guarant-Anthony Smith is a decent player, but still a little dumb. Ryan Clark is a very underrated safety in that defense, but he's got some sort of blood disorder. Hopefully he can play...we'll see though.

C:Haha,you're so funny

Any predictions for the upcoming season?

S:Yeah, I suppose the Steelers aren't quite as squeaky clean as their fans liked to think. Kind of a bummer. I always liked having that over Cincinnati.

Oh well. I suppose those shiny rings will have to do.


Jets fans will be upset with whomever they take unless it's McFadden.

The Mel Kiper Montage where he ripped into several teams' selections will again be the highlight.

Chris Berman will segue to a commercial with "Remember...Tom Brady? The Patriots waiiiiiited all the way until the 6th worked out well, didn't it, Mort?" at least four times.

Matt Walsh will be mentioned more often than the first overall pick, but not as often as the fact the Patriots lost the No. 31 selection.

C:Who's your presidential pick for the upcoming election?

S:Hmmm...walking into an open trap here.

I'll say this. There is a difference between idealism and reality.

Whether people like it or not, politics is about compromise, and it seems backward-thinking is a detriment to the ultimate goal. If Politician A is ranting about simply ending war and sinking trillions of dollars into alternative energy, naturally, we're going to think it's a great idea. We fail to consider how it's even possible for that to be done in the first place, or even the negative ramifications of it.

The Middle East has been hating itself since it was created. Leaving that region now will have devastating consequences to our country and to others.

Alternative energy is far more expensive to develop than what we are currently using.

Republicans are not evil people; they just refuse to use environmental/peace rhetoric to get elected. They live in reality, and accept the obstacles that we have to deal with as citizens of this country. Democrats think the solution to everything is to raise taxes and throw money into unproven theories.

Before my soap box breaks beneath me, I will say that Obama wouldn't have even close to as much impact as people think he will (he won't even have hafl the democrats' approval), Hilary is too combative and has made too many enemies to think she would be able to unify congress and push toward compromise.

Sen. McCain, on the other hand...he's sort of turned his back on steadfast conservatism, but has shown something of a track record to bridge the gap between the left and right.

And this is only my opinion, smarta## responses baiting me into an argument about this topic on a sports site is not needed.

C: So McCain it is?

S:It's not so much who people are voting for, it's the reasons behind who they are voting for. It's really difficult to sit and listen to liberals basically paint conservatives out to be evil hate-mongerers when really, in many ways, they are just acknolwedging the elephant in the room, and not playing games of rhetoric and relying on appealing to the masses as opposed to making tough, realistic decisions.

I will support my country's president, whomever it is.

C:Even Hillary?(do you have any basketball teams you support?)

S:Always gotta support your president. Yes, even Hilary (wow, that hurt to say...)

I quietly root for the Timberwolves (not much to cheer for, but they're the local team) for Duke (I love rooting for teams no one else likes, and I'm a big fan of man-to-man defense) and for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers

C:Duke(booo)and yes Hoosiers is a great movie.

You are a great tder.How did you become so good.

S:Thank you for the compliment, although I'm certainly not great. I'm not even the best Steelers fan on here. There are two in Pittsburgh alone who are far better than me. 'Course, I'm not sure if they're Steelers fans or not. To put it mildly, most of my Hall of Fame brethren eclipse my meager accomplishments by a healthy margin.

Any success I've had in TDs, I think it's really just a writing background combined with common sense and good timing.

Not trying to sound my own horn, but I've got some decent writing ability, and I think people tend to vote for the arguments that have more than two sentences strung together in an appealing way, add some humor, lack spelling mistakes, don't use pointness punctuation and AVOID ALL CAPS!!! AHHH!!!

After that, when the opinions are pretty equal, a lot of it comes down to who's reading the TD and what comments are being left. This isn't to suggest that other members actively try to do this, but other members commenting can easily sway votes, but that's part of what makes a TD.

I'll be honest, I think reputation plays a big part in it. If a TD is close and the arguments are good on both sides, I think people will vote for the guy/chick they know. Noobs usually won't get those votes either. I've got a few early losses on my record cuz of that, and I'm fine with it.

My favorite was the worst loss I ever had. I dared to contend that Ben Roethlisberger would have a higher passer rating than Steve McNair this past season.

<snicker> ya remember Steve McNair? Yeah, I don't really, either.

Lesson learned, though. Noobies, don't use the name of a team as part of your screen name and create Homer TDs. You won't win very many of those.

C:Well you are A HOF'er,what did you feel when you learned this?

S:I just laughed, to be honest. It was that Comedic/Great feeling. It was really funny to me, and it was really kind of cool. First off, GoatHCW nominated me, which was great. There wouldn't be a worthy Hall of Fame if he wasn't in it. Plus, I got to go in right behind Coletrain and DJ, two really smart, really funny guys on here.

I thought about it more, and really, the big thing is like I mentioned in my speech: When am I ever going to be put into the Hall of Fame for anything? Never. Not for my softball league, not for my Goal Line Blitz player, sure as h3ll not for my looks or 75 mph fastball, nothing. So I enjoyed every minute of it.

C:Well I hope everyone has enjoyed your company on FN,as much as I have on this interview.Thanks for such a good time.

S:You too, man, I appreciate it! I hope you enjoy watching Chad Johnson and Chris Henry light up Paul Brown Stadium this year...oh wait...

C:Haha,good luck we'll be eating up your roethlisberger.

S:Willie Parker fumbled like 90 times against Cincinnati last year, and the Bengals still lost by 17. No quality No. 3 receiver, Johnson possibly sitting out, and at best, whining all season long, two failed attempts at signing a decent defensive tackle, so the worst run defense over the past two seasons didn't get any better...and just like that, 4-12 is a possibility for Cincy again!

C:I'm not going for this this interview is over!:)

 S:LOL Thanks dude!


What a great dude!Hope you enjoyed.




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