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Yeah I know the playoffs started yesterday and i will talk about those games in a second, but I won't predict winners because most Americans outside of Minnesota don't give a crap about the NHL, so i will talk about what they give a crap about, violence. The NHL playoffs are a lot different than the regular season. the checks get tighter, the rule book is tossed out the window, and even the little guys get in on the action. Sidney Crosby after being hit after the whistle, went after Wade Redden and started cross checking him and having a bit of a gloves on fight. Last nights Wild-Avalanche game was a hard hitting affair. The New Jersey-New York rivalry is being renewed, and Calgary, the NHL leader in fighting majors, are playing the San Jose Sharks in Game two tonight. So here are my previews with a winner and a fighting verdict.

Montreal Canadiens Vs. Boston Bruins

This is a classic 1 vs 8 matchup. The Canadiens have won every game this year against their Original 6 rivals in Boston. They also are 23-7 in the playoffs against them. But the Big Bad Bruins have a physical edge and these Canadiens are not a team to back down from a fight. But don't forget the Canadiens have the best powerplay in the league.

Prediction- Montreal in 4

Physical Play Rating- 7 out of 10

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa

This could get interesting with Crosby being injured with the ankle and Ottawa trying to put him out of the series. They played last year and it wasn't a great physical series, but had a lot of offence. The pens will easily handle the slumping Sens

Prediction- Pittsburgh in 5

Physical Play Rating- 5 out of 10

Washington Capitals Vs. Philly

The Capitals are this years Cinderella, but they have the 3rd seed because they won the division. The Flyers on the other hand are one of the most hated teams in the playoffs because of their dirty style of play, I see Ovechkin getting leveled on every shift and doing some of his own checking as well. Philly doesn't have enough in the tank to stop the NHL's leading scorer

Prediction- Caps in 6

Physical Play Rating- 8 out of 10

New Jersey Vs New York Rangers

The Devils will lose this one as they have one only 1 of their 9 meetings so far. Let's get to the rough stuff. Sean Avery is a playoff hockey team's dream he agitates the opposing team until they take a bad penalty. This could get ugly if New York wins the first two games.

Verdict- Rangers in 5

PPR- 4 out of 10

Detroit Vs Nashville

Thanks for coming Nashville

Prediction- Wings in 4

PPR- 2 out of 10

San Jose Vs. Calgary

This is where the potential upset comes. Calgary is no stranger to Cinderella going to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals as an 7th seed. They also lead the league in fights and often fight in the first 5 minutes of the game to send a message.

Prediction- Sharks in a 7 game classic

PPR- 10 out of 10

Wild Vs. Colorado

This is a great series already having an OT game last night where Joe Sackic saved a Collarado collapse after they blew a 2 goal lead going into the third poeriod. Minnesota has 3 enforcers that mean business. Todd fedoruk, Derek Boogard, and the infamous Chris Simion. Colarado in the past has had some classic physical series and this one won't be any different

Prediction- Wild in 6

PPR- 8 out of 10

Dallas Stars Vs Anaheim

This is a mouth watering series that can turn into a snooze-fest. Both teams have a great defence corps and goaltending, and both teams have trouble scoring. This will be less physical than the other series, but Anaheim was second in fights losing to Calgary by 1 so it can get a little rough

Prediction- Anaheim in 7

PPR- 5 out of 10

Please watch these games if you can find Versus, i will be watching at home in Canada where every game is on the country's main TV network.

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