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I will blog this show as it goes

Ravii: Hello everybody and welcome to Fannation Around The Horn! Here Is The First Question.


Question #1-Would The Nuggets Be Better Off With Artest?


SportsWiz5593: No they would not, they already have 2 great scorrers in AI and Carmello, they dont need another guy like that. Artest plays SF which would limit Carmellos time, and if he did move to PF he would limit Kenyon Martins time and that would mean less RBS for the Nuggets and more people arguing over who gets the ball.

So Ravii in my mind, this is a bad move for the Nuggets, theyre better off without him!

NYFAN Is Done:No the Nuggets would not be better with Artest.All that Artest does is run his mouth and shots way to much.I mean the Nuggets already have a great small foward in Anthony and if they got Artest he would be complaining about not playing enough,then that would piss of AI,and the next thing you know theres no chemistry and the playoff contender Nuggets become one of the worst teams in the western confernce.So the Nuggets would be worse with Artest

Controversy Is Alive:Absolutley not.

Ron Artest brings so many problems to the game. He has off the court problems, beating his wife and such. And he brings a bad demeanor to the locker room.

Right now the Nuggets already have two "bad boy" players, in Iverson and Carmelo. If you added someone like Artest, the precarious balance on that team goes completley out of synch and they will fall out of the playoffs.

Another thing is George Karl would have conflicting ideas with Artest. Karl needs to be in complete control to win, and with Artest he wants to run the team.

Carmelo would have conflicting personalities, Iverson would have problems with him, and Karl would have conflicting ideas...It all adds up to a very bad situation.

Blue Hacket:Yes.

Ravii:Here Is The Score After Round 1


NYFAN Is Done-5

Controversy Is Alive-5

Blue Hacket- -3

Ravii:Here Is Question #2

Will Aaron Rodgers Do Good For The Packers Replacing Brett Favre?

Controversy Is Alive:Yes.

If you do not know, the Packers rely on a system of plays. It is an offense that anyone can step into and be at least a little successful.

The Packers have lots of playmakers, Jennings, Driver, Grant, Lee, Jones...Rodgers will have a lot of experienced players to rely on as he transitions into the offense.

Not to mention he will be behind one of the top passing offensive lines, only allowing Favre to be sacked 15 times all season. He will not be rushed and will be comfortable in the pocket.

The Packers rely on a acurate QB in their system to hit the slants. Rodgers is even more accurate than Favre and will have tremendous success in the system.

SportsWiz5593:Not this year, its going to take some adjusting to get used to the Packers system. He is definity a work in progress. Rodgers has all the tools to be good as we saw in the game he played in, but its not like hes going to come out of the gate and be phenmonial. Now in the guys 4 year carrer he hasn't started a game.

His best comparison will be of Eli Manning without the playoff picture. He did decent.

Blue Hacket:No because Brett has always been great with the Packers.

Here Are The Scores So Far

Controversy Is Alive-10


Blue Hacket- -6

NYFAN Is Done-5(he is out because he is done,Im assuming he is done with FN)

3rd Question is coming up


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