If you completely trust the national sports media including print journalism, magazines, radio, and websites you are surely missing out on some of the bigger stories in sports in recent weeks. Of course it's hard to live your life with all its must-do's and consume every last piece of information involving the many sports and their leagues, professional and college.

But there are three BIG sports stories involving; two in Major League Baseball and one in NCAA Football that clearly are being under-reported, and under-covered on the national level that absolutely should be. The three stories I am speaking of (in no particular order) 1. The Arizona Diamondbacks are on an absolute tear and upped their win streak to 7 games last night; 2. Questions abound in the University of Central Florida football program involving head coach George O'Leary and the death of WR Ereck Plancher during a team workout; 3. St. Louis Cardinal 1B Albert Pujolos is playing while needing Tommy John surgery.

 Here's a closer look at each:

1. Of course the D-Backs are being ignored nationally. They play in the most ignored, disrespected, yet arguably best division in baseball, the NL West - where an interesting 4-team race has begun including the Padres, Dodgers, and Rockies. Arizona won its seventh straight last night with an 8-2 win over Colorado. Brandon Webb is 3-0 with a 2.14 ERA and 17 strikeouts. Webb, Micah Owings, and, Dan Haren are a combined 6-0. As a Padres fan, no team concerns me more than Arizona. And no team gets more disrespect by the likes of ESPN and others than the Diamondbacks.

2. Really, the most serious and most disturbing of all three stories here, the situation at UCF with Plancher and the very-different statements involving the incident from O'Leary and players should have us all paying attention to what is going on here.

O'Leary told the Orlando Sentinel, "I did not see him struggle on the field". But four players told the paper, O'Leary was cursing at the player for "a lack of effort" during the workout.

"He was trying to catch his breath the whole time and never could," a player told the paper.

The story also reports UCF officals had the player lay on a bench to wait for the paramedics to come. Plancher later died at the hospital. And why did the players come forth with the information? Because the UCF athletic department gave a much different account of the incident than they claimed to be witness of. When you take a look at O'Leary's past track record with honesty, plus the climate of DI football everywhere, I suggest everyone check this out, in Florida newspapers online like the Orlando Sentinel, or the websites (I must commend for having the most indepth story on this, however being burried on the site).

 3. Why did I only read about Pujols playing with a high-grade tear in his ulnar collateral ligament (right elbow) an injury which began in 2003 in this week's issue of SI in the Inside Baseball section? Essentially he could go under the knife for Tommy John surgery. And yes I'm aware he's not a pitcher and playing the infield and batting are not as much as a hindrance with the injury. But at a time when we read about guys on the DL with finger nail injuries and mishaps involving falling down stairs at home, shouldn't this have come up a little sooner nation-wide?

Our sports media on the national level is failing us folks. 





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