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Round 2 is here.

32. Miami Dolphins-The Dolphins take Carl Nicks, offensive tackle out of the University of NebraskaThe Dolphins took Chris Long early, which solidifies the front 7 for the Dolphins.  The next biggest weakness for the Phins is their offensive line.  Carl Nicks had a great combine and is a really strong tackle that could protect Jon Beck's blindside.

33. St. Louis Rams-The Rams take Pat Sims, defensive tackle out of Auburn UniversityThe Rams defensive line is terrible.  They did, however, get a good pick in Adam Carriker last year.  Sims is a giant (6-2, 310) who could really help stop the run.

34. Atlanta Falcons from Oakland-The Falcons take Anthony Collins, offensive tackle out of University of KansasThe Falcons took Sedrick Ellis, so the defensive line has great depth, but the offensive side still is extremely weak.  Anthony Collins is a big tackle who helped lead one of the best offenses in the country last year.

35. Kansas City Chiefs-The Chiefs take Sam Baker, offensive tackle out of the University of Southern CaliforniaThis shows how bad the Chiefs line is.  They could possibly take all offensive linemen in this draft.  If they don't take at least 3 offensive linemen in this draft, they will be the worst team in the league.

36. New York Jets-The Jets take DeJuan Tribble, cornerback out of Boston CollegeThe Jets have to help their secondary if they are ever going to stop the Patriots.  Tribble is fairly inconsistent, but when he is playing well, he could be the best corner in this draft.

37. Atlanta Falcons-The Falcons take Joe Flacco, quarterback out of the University of DelawareThe Falcons currently have Joey Harrington and Chris Redman.  Maybe they need a QB who doesn't have a "y" at the end of his first name or someone who was behind Kyle Boller in the depth chart.

38. Baltimore Ravens-The Ravens take Tracy Porter, cornerback out of Indiana UniversityThe Ravens need to get a young corner to replace Chris McAllister and the girl known as Samari.  Porter is extremely fast like most of the players on IU.

39. San Francisco 49ers-The Niners take Brandon Flowers, cornerback out of Virginia Tech.  The Niners really have no cornerbacks, and Flowers is the best corner left.  Makes sense for the Niners to draft him.

40. New Orleans Saints-The Saints take Dre Moore, defensive tackle out of MarylandMaybe the Saints corners wouldn't look so hapless if the line could get a solid pass rush.

41. Buffalo Bills-The Bills take Fred Davis, tight end out of the University of Southern CaliforniaThe Bills need to get a good tight end.  Trent Edwards needs some target not named Lee.

42. Denver Broncos-The Broncos take James Hardy, wide receiver out of Indiana UniversityBrandon Marshall did something stupid, that Jay Cutler rightfully called him out on, and will miss time.  Without Marshall, the Broncos will need a receiver even more.  Hardy is Randy Moss with worse hands.  Hopefully he can work on that and become Randy.

43. Carolina Panthers-The Panthers take Trevor Laws, defensive tackle out of the University of Notre DameThe Panthers need to beef up their defensive line, and Laws is one of the best linemen in this draft.  He is really good at stopping the run, but he may be best at getting his hands up and batting down passes.

44. Chicago Bears-The Bears take Earl Bennett, wide receiver out of Vanderbilt UniversityReuniting Chris Williams and Earl Bennett.  This offense really needs help, and Bennett is their best option right here.

45. Detroit Lions-The Lions take Dan Conner, middle linebacker out of Penn State UniversityConner has fallen pretty far in this draft, and the Lions just got a major steal.

46. Cincinnati Bengals-The Bengals take Jerod Mayo, middle linebacker out of the University of TennesseeThe Bengals have to get some linebackers.  They were practically playing with scabs last year.

47. Minnesota Vikings-The Vikings take Early Doucet, wide receiver out of Louisiana State UniversityThis is a bit of a surprise, but the Vikings have shown interest in Doucet, and they are a little thin on receivers even after signing Bernard Berrian.

48. Atlanta Falcons from Houston-The Falcons take Reggie Smith, cornerback out of the University of OklahomaThe Falcons have already got future stars at defensive tackle, offensive tackle, and quarterback.  Smith may never be a star, but he will be a solid replacement for DeAngelo Hall.

49. Philadelphia Eagles-The Eagles take Duane Brown, offensive tackle out of Virginia Tech.  Hey, now Winston Justice won't get pwned by Osi Umenyiora every play!

50. Arizona Cardinals-The Cards take Charles Godfrey, cornerback out of the University of IowaGodfrey had a very good Pro Day, and he does come from a team that has a secondary (Bob Sanders anyone?)

51. Washington Redskins-The ‘Skins take Quintin Demps, safety out of the University of Texas-El PasoThe Redskins need help in their secondary.  After Sean Taylor's death, Carlos Rodgers' injury, and Shawn Springs' old age, safeties and corners are a necessity.

52. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-The Bucs take Felix Jones, running back out of the University of ArkansasJones, like most of the other backs in this draft, has dropped due to other needs.  In today's NFL, almost every team has a good running back.  Tampa's good running back is Earnest Graham.  I wouldn't put too much faith into him.  Warrick Dunn is getting up there in age, and Carnell Williams may never be the same after his gruesome injury.

53. Pittsburgh Steelers-The Steelers take Justin King, cornerback out of Penn State UniversityKing needs to work on his cover skills, but he could be the next Deion Sanders if he gets the ability to cover big receivers.  He could also return kicks, which is a huge need for the Steelers.

54. Tennessee Titans-The Titans take Dustin Keller, tight end out of Purdue UniversityThe Titans still need to give Vince Young some targets.  Keller is a very good tight end with a great vertical (38 inches).

55. Seattle Seahawks-The Seahawks take Martellus Bennett, tight end out of Texas A&M UniversityLike the Titans, Matt Hasselbeck has no great targets, especially at tight end.  Bennett could be a starter immediately.

56. Green Bay Packers from Cleveland-The Packers take Brian Brohm, quarterback out of LouisvilleI'm surprised Brohm fell this far in my draft, but quarterback isn't a big need for many teams.  Brohm could be a solid backup for Rodgers or he could be the starter if Rodgers doesn't perform well.

57. Miami Dolphins from San Diego-The Dolphins take Chad Henne, quarterback out of the University of MichiganThe Dolphins have bigger needs, but Henne is too good to pass up right here.

58. Jacksonville Jaguars-The Jags take Calais Campbell, defensive end out of the University of MiamiCampbell is a giant (6-7, 290).  The Jags love giant defensive linemen, and they got one in Campbell.

59. Indianapolis Colts-The Colts take Chris Johnson, running back out of East Carolina UniversityThis was tough between Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson, but Johnson is a big play back who could also lineup in the slot and return kicks.  Colts fans are drooling over him.  We need a two back system, and Johnson could fill that need.

60. Green Bay Packers-The Packers take Xavier Adibi, outside linebacker out of Virginia Tech.  The Packers need some depth at outside linebacker, and Adibi can provide that and much more.  He's a really good player who's dropped because of the phenomenal class this year.

61. Dallas Cowboys-The Cowboys take Jamaal Charles, running back out of the University of TexasI think Jerry Jones' prayers were answered.  A great back fell to him.

62. New England Patriots-The Pats take Jonathan Goff, inside linebacker out of Vanderbilt UniversityThe Patriots need a linebacker as a successor to the aging Mike Vrabel or aging Tedy Bruschi.  He'll cover Bruschi.

63. New York Giants-The Giants take Erin Henderson, outside linebacker out of the University of MarylandThe Giants need to move Mathias Kiwanuka back to defensive end, where he is better suited.  Henderson could play strong side linebacker for the Giants, but he may have to get a bit stronger.


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