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Dudeman Presents . . .

First off, let me start by saying congrats to the Giants. That was one heck of a win. EVERYONE picked against them...even I did :) But, they were persistent and weren't affected by the media....give credit to the coaches for that. Speaking of media...can they please give the Giants some credit? All the headlines I see are "Pats perfect season ends" or "18-1 not 19-0", can we please something like "The Giants win Super Bowl XLII." Is that too much to ask?

Sadly, though we probably have realized the NFL season hase ended. But, we all can look back at the memories of the season. Some happy and some sad. This season that we have called the 07-08 NFL season has come to a close. Ended by a great game...Super Bowl XLII.

Super Bowl XLII was a great game. It was filled with excitement and surprises. What else do we want out of a Super Bowl? Heck, what else do we want out of a game?

Now, I will explore the keys of this game we called the 42nd Super Bowl.

Giants Defense

This game was probably decided by the Giants defense. The coaches did a FANTASTIC job. Here were the key parts to the successful game played by the Giants D:

1. They pressured Brady.

They had pressure on Brady the entire game, and it paid off BIG time. 5 sacks...5 sacks! Unprecedented. They always pressured him in key situations...see: Last Pats drive of the game.

2. They didn't stop taking away weapons.

Most teams feel once they take away Moss and pressure Brady they will be fine. WRONG! The Giants didn't stop at that. They stuffed Maroney time and time again. They took away Faulk too.

3. They let Brady have Welker - not Moss.

The Giants finally realized that Welker isn't going to beat them. When the Giants took away Moss and didn't bother taking away Welker, they made a smart move. They took away the deep game, and left the short game for Brady. This was key, when the Pats needed a deep connection late in the game it wasn't there.  

Patriots O-Line

Where were they? Wondering why they didn't get asked to be married on Media Day?

1. They didn't let Maroney get free.

Maroney had a bad game...and it wasn't his fault. It was the O-Line's fault. They never let him get free, and he never got in a rhythm. If Maroney was on top of his game, the Patriots would be Perfect right now.

2. They allowed too much pressure to get to Brady.

Brady didn't have a chance of getting ina groove. Every time he looked like he would he got either sacked or pushed around. If Brady was able to establish an OK connection with fauk or Stallworth, the win would've have probably come.

The two-headed monster

Bradshaw and year they can be one of the best one-two RB punches in the league.

1. Bradshaw

Probably has the best vision in the league. He finds holes and squeezes through them. He's also efficent...5.0 YPC.

2. Jacobs

The definition of a power RB. He doesn't find holes...he creates them by pushing through everyone. Maybe not the most efficent RB, but one of the best 3rd down RBs.

Eli Manning and his feet

Eli's feet were the offensive key of this game. He moved around all day. Anyone else see the "head catch" from Manning to Tyree? Best play of the game...and not because of the catch. Because of the like 5 broken tackles by Eli. He looked like LaDanian Tomlinson.





Gu3 Presents . . .






Quick, think "Baltimore Orioles Song". What comes to mind? Maybe it's the famous 7th inning stretch song "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" or it is the song especially designed for the Baltimore Orioles, "Orioles Magic".

            Have you ever truly listened to the words of this great song? It applied to the Orioles back in the glory days, but now, the song barely appertains.


"Orioles Magic"

Something magic happens, everytime you go

            Have you ever been to an Orioles game? If yes, quick, did they win? Was there magic happening? In the most recent years, both answers would be a big fat no. But it does seem like the Orioles still do carry around that magic. Last year, I recall attending about 10 games. In about three of those games, the Orioles won on late inning runs. But these were few games in the huge season. Yes, there has been magic at Camden in the past years. You had Cal's 2131, Cal's retirement, Huff's cycle, Markakis' 3 HR game, and Peter Angelos' last day as Orioles' owner. Ok, maybe the last thing hasn't happened. But c'mon, let a fan dream.

The most important part in this line is ‘everytime'. This, as of now, definitely makes this sentence false. Magic does happen sometime, but not EVERYTIME. Just reflect to last year. The losing Texas Rangers come into Oriole Park at Camden Yards for a day-night doubleheader. The first game goes by and the Orioles lose. Then game 2 rolls in. The Orioles get the snot kicked out of them more than Gary Coleman in a wrestling match with Stone Cold. The Orioles lose that game 30-3.

So magic, everytime? I think not.

You make the magic happen, the magic of Orioles' Baseball!

This line is more of persuasion than anything. It is telling you, "Hey, come to the game, spend some money, and come back. Because when you do, we will win." If this was true, I would have my behind on Eutaw Street every home game. This lyric seems very true to me. But there is one problem, one blockade, one man standing in our way.

Mr. Peter Angelos. WE would be able to make the magic happen. WE would be able to win. WE would be able to enjoy ourselves at the game without the fear of getting stomped 30-3. Peter Angelos is the man standing in front of paradise for us Orioles fans.

Yes, we COULD make the magic happen. We only ‘could'. If Angelos leaves, we CAN.


When the game is close, and the O's are hot
There's a thundering roar from 34 to give it all they've got


When, When, When, When, When. When is this ever happening? Yes, the O's get hot... for 3 innings. And when the game is close, our bullpen screws us. So when are these things occurring at the same time? If you have watched an Orioles' season you have seen that the team isn't hot all at one time. Each player has a hot streak that is followed by a really cold streak.

Yes, there is a thunderous roar that comes from all over the stadium. But that usually is in games vs. the Yankees and the Red Sox. That roar is not coming from the vocals of the Birds fans, but from the mouths of the Yankees & and Sox fans. Then the roar we give is just a response, usually a boo. Doesn't that bother you O's fans? We need to stop this. We must bring our friends along to stop those New York and Boston losers from invading our park. As we have heard before from number 52 from the neighbors across the lot, "We must protect this house."

And you never know who's gonna hear the call
Every game there's a different star
That's the magic of Orioles' Baseball!

Yes, players do hear the call over at Camden, put it's usually the same people who come through. Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts, and Erik Bedard have come through day in and day out for the birds; they need a rest. They can't do it all by themselves. They need players around them to help out. And right now, they don't.

            The bottom line is we need even more good players to make this line true. Who is gonna come through in the clutch with a homerun, Luis Hernandez? This once again points back to our blockade to paradise, Mr. Peter Angelos.

Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!
Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!

O - R - I - O - L - E - S !

Magic! Magic! Magic! Magic!

Something magic happens, everytime you go
You make the magic happen, the magic of Orioles' Baseball!


When Weaver moves and we score the runs
Nothing could be more exciting
Nothing could be more fun!

            Line 1, I see a problem. Do any of you see a problem?

*Dora the Explorer pause*

Earl Weaver isn't anywhere near the bench these days, and honestly, I don't blame him. Maybe that is the problem, we don't have the proper coaches. Since Terry Crowley was hired as hitting coach, the Orioles haven't made the playoffs. There may be a connection there.

            The other problem with that line is that we don't score runs. We just don't. And we are gonna score a lot less without Miguel Tejada who drove in 100 runs per year.

            The next 2 lines state that nothing can be more fun. I can think of something. How about a win? Maybe we should try that sometime.


There's a love affair between you and the team

            What a privilege. How many fans can say that they have a ‘thing going on' with their team. But Shh... don't tell the Mrs. Maybe we could love you more if you won and were not infected with Angelostitis B.

You're the reason we win when we win
And you know what the magic means!

            Really! I am the reason we win. Wow. I must be doing a really crappy job. All along I thought I was a good Orioles fan. But now I see, I am the reason we suck. Man, I apologize fellow fans.

            I don't think I know what that magic means. It has been 25 years since our last World Series win. I am only 13. Even if you are a tiny bit skilled in math, you can see that I wasn't around for that. So *I* don't know what that magic means. Sure, I have seen game winning hits and walk off homeruns. But the real magic is the World Series.

            I would use this time here to say what we can do to make it to the World Series. But, I simply can't explain it. All I can say is that in order to get back there, Angelos must be gone. That's all. The dominos will start to fall after that.

Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!
Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!
Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!
Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!

O - R - I - O - L - E - S !

Magic! Magic! Magic! Magic!

Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!

Magic! Magic! Magic! Magic!

Something magic happens....

            Yes, something magic will happen. But the question is when. Will this something happen this year and be really magical? Or will it happen after our so called "rebuilding stage"? The only magic that I would love to see that is most likely next year is the removal of Peter Angelos. Sure, I would love to see a playoff berth but let's be honest, that's not happening.




So, hear the magic happen



For who you like best!



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