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I got confused with the order but anyways:

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Dawgee: Hello Tracy, How are you doing?

Tracy: I'm doing fine Dawg, how about yourself?

Dawgee: I am doing good!

How did you get on to FanNation?

Tracy: I was sent an invite by a friend when the site was just getting off the ground.  Back then it was Ghost Town.

Dawgee: Who would you say is your best friend on FanNation?

Tracy: DFAN!!!!!!!!!

Dawgee: *Covers ears just in time*

Since you are a Patriot fan, what went through your mind when New England lost the Super Bowl after going 18-0?

Tracy: I could see it coming, from when the players first took the field. It's hard to describe but that level of excitement of being in a Superbowl just wasn't in the players faces or attitude. The Giants earned the title of Superbowl Champions. The Patriots did have a great season and alot of the games were thrilling to watch, and for that I thank them.

Dawgee: How well do you think the Pats will do this year?

Tracy: *Looks surprised at the question* They are going to win the Super Bowl, of course.

Dawgee: Cool, how do you think my Detroit Lions are going to do?

Tracy: I chose the Lions in the Draftniks mock draft because this team has alot of needs. They need defensive and secondary help, a tackle on offense, a running back would be great since Tatum Bell hasn't panned out, and I'm not impressed with QB John Kitna. And thats just off the top of my head. I hope they do better than 7-9.

Dawgee: That would be a first . . .

If you were the owner of the Pats, which player would you select in the draft with your first round pick?

Tracy: I know who I would pick, and thats Keith Rivers from USC. He can play inside or outside linebacker, and we desperately need help with our aging fast line. Vernon Gholston would be a good choice as well, but I dont expect him to be around for the 7th pick, and he's not as versatile as Rivers.

Dawgee: I've seen many mock drafts with New England taking a cornerback . . . agree?

Tracy: No, I dont agree at all. Since the Hooded One has been head coach, the Pats have never selected a corner with the first pick, and seem to have a talent for finding good ones in the later rounds.

Dawgee: Who is your favorite NFL player?

Tracy: Rodney Harrison.  No one else has ever been close.

Dawgee: You once told me you played soccer.  When did you star playing and what was your inspiration for it?

Tracy: I started playing when I was 4, and the man who lived next door coached soccer for a living.  He helped me become a better player and believed in me.  He was and is an incredible person.

Dawgee: From 1-10, where would you rank your soccer skills?

Tracy: Ha!  10 years ago I would rank myself a ten, now . . . a seven.

Dawgee: Cool . . . what do you think about this year's Presidental Election?

Tracy: I knew you were gonna go there, Dawgee. I think we need a Democrat in office, and at this point I pretty much dont care who, as long as it isn't a Republican. I say this as a registered Republican voter.

Dawgee: Well that wraps up our interview!  Thank you Tracy!

Tracy: My pleasure Dawgee!  You are a fabulous interviewer!

*Hurries to leave*


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