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It has been an up and down week here in Braves nation.  We started out the week against the Brew Crew and edged out a 2-1 game to open up the road trip.  The team still was not hitting.  It was painful to watch this lineup.  They were so boring and would not manage anything.  This was evident in the second game and seven innings in game 3.  We scored 3 runs off Sheets and then that was basically it.  Including a ninth inning meltdown where we put runners on the corners and then can't even put the ball in play.  Yeah their closer was dealin, but a pop fly ties that game up.  I'm flippin between our game and the Met's game where they score 2 in the 12th to win and put us 5 games behind and out of their hair for awhile.

Then comes the third game.  It appeared we were headed for another defeat and another game without offense.  Then out of nowhere our offense awoke and our season might be saved.  Remember the year we came back from 8 runs I think against the White Sox and then from that period on we were unbeatable.  Perhaps, perhaps! that is what is happening this year.  We scored a ton of runs in the 8th against a touch Turnbow and went on to win a huge game.

We took that momentum into Chi town today and steamrolled the Cubbies to an 8-5 count.  Our hitting could be back guys.  We hit the baseball and Davies pitched excellent.  The game final score doesnt show how much we really dominated the game.  I am a little concerned about Moylan, but maybe he wasn't focused enough pitching with a 7 run lead in the 8th.  Doesnt matter we won and we beat a good pitcher.  If you think about it we are doing this without Andruw and Chipper in the lineup.  Chipper just went on the DL and Andruw is good for a hit a game and still is not the Andruw we know can carry this team. 

I kept looking at this lineup and wondering why we just couldnt do anything.  We were so plain and it was frustrating to watch.  We needed a gem from our pitcher of the day to win a game.  Now we have exploded and hopefully our season is back on track.  Tomorrow we have Rich Hill, who we really weren't close to hitting last time including Andruw who looked like a rookie seeing a curve for the first time.  But I guess a lot of people have made him look like that this season.  Hopefully tomorrow we fare a little better.

On a side note the deadline is around the corner and I wonder what we are planning to do.  It would be nice if we could land a Teixeira or maybe a legit #3 starter.  Imagine if we could land Dontrelle.  Smoltz, Hudson, and Dontrelle pitching in the playoffs.  Instantly puts us back into position for October success.  What do you think?

Well I hope the momentum lasts cause we have some distance between us and the Mets and we need so reel off a big win streak here to get back into it.  Go Braves this weekend.


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