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There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle-ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the 'Twilight Zone'

(cue theme music)

Tonight's show will showcase the dramatic climax to Trent's search for Ghosthunter, the friend who he has been looking for.  However, he has now landed in a situation which lies deep within the everlasting boundaries of........................ The Twighlight Zone.


Trent, thinking quick on his feet, dives away from the clerk and makes a mad dash around towards the back of the hotel.  He stumbles on the carpet and hits his head against one of the mahogony desks which fill this empty hallway.  As he is falling, he turns around and sees the clerk running towards him.

Trent realizes he can't outrun him now, and graps a lamp off of the desk.  The clerk stops his running, afraid of the pain Trent is about to give him.

Trent scowls, "Where's my friend?" his voice is beggining to go hoarse through the excitement.

"He's gone, he came to investigate the paranormal and he found it.  He went onto the Thirteenth floor and found the voodoo ritualist..." The clerk took another step back.

Trent needs questions answered, "Who's this voodoo ritualist?"

"He came here in the 40's, but died in an unfortunate fire on the thirteenth floor.  His ghost has been haunting us ever since.  The only reason we live, is so that we can send him more people to make mannequins out of."  The Clerk was hesitant.

Trent was still confused, "But why does he do it?"

The clerk resonded, "No one knows, he just makes mannequins of things, and they come alive.  That cat you met up there, it was his, you won't find your friend, he's already a mannequin.  Most likely he's been shipped to some shopping mall where he'll advertise clothing."

Trent screams out in agony, "NOOOOO!!!! How could you......... people will notice he's gone missing!!!!"

The clerk, "No, we took all the precautions, deleted our records of him in the hotel, we got a hold of Bush (Our Nation's Leader) and had him delete his personal records.  We even went as far as to change his fannation account to say he was going to Brazil, and that he'd be back in a few weeks."

Trent, "No, you sick twisted people.  You never mess with a Fannation Account...."

Just as Trent finished his sentence Ghost-Hunter appeared behind the clerk and knocked him out with a push forward.

"Quick, follow me Trent..." Ghosthunter grabbed him by the hand and knocked over the door leading to the outside world.  It was raining and Trent had many questions....

"But how did you get........" just as Trent was starting his sentence, the color off of Ghosthunters face was falling off (literally).  The paint was falling off his face.  Trent knew immediatly what had happened, this wasn't Ghosthunter, just his mannequin.

"I'm sorry, but your next on the waiting list." Ghosthunter said as he pulled Trent inside the Hotel.  As they begand their ascent up the stairs, you could hear the cat (LoveItHateIt) meowing the song "Hotel California".  This tune echoed throughout the hotel, and many say it even could be heard, at the very borders of............. The Twighlight Zone.



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