Okay first off, I want start off by saying thanks to hemo for telling me how to put blogs in paragraph form.

Now, I'm going to talk about an issue that I'm very, very passionate about this year. That is, the NBA MVP. Now, you all should what MVP stands for. If you don't- Most Valuable player. It's been a tight race this year, that includes the four main players; Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, LeBron James and Kevin Garnett. All, reasonable MVP candidates. But, what's not reasonable OR acceptable is that the person that should be MVP (Most Valuable Player) looks like he's already out of the running. That player is LeBron James. You can look at my profile when you're done reading this and you'll see that I live near Cleveland and I am a Cavs fan. Because of this, I can't %100 say that if I weren't a Cavs fan, I would still be this passionate for LeBron being MVP. But, I would say that even if i weren't a Cavs fan, I would still have LeBron as my MVP.

Here is what I've been hearing of why LeBron shouldn't be MVP: He plays in the east, his team is inconsistent, he whines to much (that one I hear from my brother a lot). Those are just some of the ones that I can think of right now. I would like to tough on these comments by saying that, one, playing in the east doesn't mean squat for MVP, because, LeBron can't help that he's in the East. Second, his team is bad or inconsistent because LeBron is so valuable to his team, every night he literally has to do almost everything for his team to win. If he's the least bit off his game, it's gonna be hard for the Cavs to win.

Now, here is why LeBron is different from the others in the running for MVP. 1. 30 points a game. I always here how that doesn't matter, but when people talk about how CP3 should be MVP, most say, well a reason Chris Paul should be MVP is because he gets 11 assists a game. What I say to that is that, you're being a hypocrite and that if you get more assists, that means you have more help on your team. LeBron scores 30 points a game because hehas less help than the other candidates. Second reason why LeBron is MVP- he's clutch. He's been one of if not, the best 4th quarter player in the league. One game in particular when the Cavs played the Raptors in Toronto, he scored, if memory serves me correct, about 24 points in the 4th quarter to beat the Raptors single handedly, almost no help, which brings me to me next point, #3- he's one of the best at scoring double digits in one quarter in the league. The 24 point fourth quarter and the 24 point third against the Bulls last Friday, which they LOST, are great reasons for why LeBron should be MVP. MY title, Most Vonorable Player (if I spelled it right) means that LeBron should be the MVP, but he isn't. And for him not to get it, it's like, what else does he have to do to get one? He performs every single night, he tries to make his worthless team better, and when he can't he has to and does take over the game to give them a chance to win. For him not to get MVP, it's a flat out crime.

People say that LeBron should wait his turn because he'll have plenty of MVP's in his career. To that I say, well, if he's in the East his whole career and he stays with the Cavs how can he win those years if he doesn't win this year? The reasons for LeBron to lose are dumb and stupid, and the reasons for him to win are greater than those of the other runners. LeBron James for NBA's Most Valuable Player.


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