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Gasp! Yes indeed, it is everyone's favorite Wolverine-hating bandit debuting a new name for his blogs. Anyways, I'm on my Mac so once again, I apologize for no spaces. The >>>>> signifies a new paragraph. >>>>>Anyways, Ohio State's spring game is right around the corner, it will be aired on April 20th on the Big Ten. First of all, what a freaking waste of space, the Big Ten Network. Number one, we don't even get the stupid thing in the Mahoning Valley. Number two, I hate the announcers. While visiting some family in Columbus one Saturday, the Ohio State - Kent State was being aired on the network. I don't even remember what those stupid announcers name were. All I remember is hating them. >>>>>Now that I got that out of my system, when can get on with it. Let's look at the Bucks...I'll go ahead and pick a random position to start with... quarterback works. Some guy you all have heard of signed his LOI earlier this spring, Terrelle Pryor. But there is no way in hell he's going to be out starting QB this year. That would be Todd Boeckman, the somewhat embattled returning starter. Embattled, because over the last three of the season in games versus Illinois, Michigan and LSU, Boeckman looked like he got his self confused with Jimmy Clausen. (sorry Irish, but you know it's true.) Anyways, I, as many other Buckeye faithful, look forward to Pryor and Boeckman running in a 2 QB system similar to the one Urban Meyer used with Chris Leak and Tim Tebow at Florida. >>>>>The Pryor signing, as exciting as it may have been, may not be the best thing in the world for the Buckeyes. Why, you may ask? Because Antonio Henton, a virtual Troy Smith clone, is getting overlooked seriously. Henton can straight play, but being overshadowed by Pryor and Boeckman could put a damper on his career. >>>>>Brandon Saine, the former Ohio Mr. Football from Piqua, OH, impressed in scrimmages. I really like this kid. Remember in the National Championship, he turned the short pass from Boeckman into a long gain. As a backup to Beanie Wells, I prefer him over Mo Wells. Mostly because when Mo Wells gets the ball, you see a flash of dreads, then a 2 yard gain. EVERY FRIGGIN TIME. That gets more than a little annoying. Sain is fast, shifty, can be split out wide, and be used sort of like Oklahoma's DeMarco Murray. >>>>>Next season, don't be surprised to Ohio State go to a third straight National Championship game. I know nobody outside of Ohio wants that, and if I wasn't an Ohio State fan, I wouldn't either. But look at this team. Returning 18 starters, 9 on offense, nine on defense. The #6 recruiting class in the country. And the sweater vest. The Buckeyes stick up as a very serious contender, along with Georgia and Southern Cal. Say what you may about a lack of speed, soft schedule, 0-50 Kabillion vs. SEC teams in bowl games. If you are a true fan of the game and not a blind homer/hater, you must admit to OSU being once again the class of the Big Ten. (Penn State may have something to say about this.) >>>>>Kobe Bryant. No, he does not play for Ohio State. Neither do you, so shut up and don't whine about it. As you may know, I am a huge Cavs fan. And as a Cavs fan, I am expected to be on LeBron's schlong. But no. Kobe Bean Bryant is the 2007-08 National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player. LeBron, for as much as I like him, is held back by the fact that the Cavs are #1 fourth in the East, and Kobe is long overdue. The only real competition for Mamba is Chris Paul who is having a crazy-ass year. CP# is one of m favorite players, and he is the only player who even has an excuse to win the award rather than Kobe. Winning the West is way harder than finishing fourth in the East, and either Kobe or CP3 will be in that position. Kobe 4 MVP. Ya dig? >>>>Esco's Diner back in business 4/18/08. Get hip. Thanks for reading.


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