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dudeman is back. maybe.

Look Carmelo. You are the face of an NBA Franchise! One of the best scorers of ALL TIME said he would take a backseat to you. And what do you do? Just plain SCREW IT UP. Last year you decided to take a cheap shot. What did that result in? A 15 game suspension. This year you get arrested for suspicion of DUI.

I don't know where to begin with this. Let me start with the Allen Iverson Deal. I honestly believe that one of the main reasons that Nuggets management brought AI in so they can have a proven star and not have to rely on a naive star. Well, that's been a great deal, because:

A) AI has produced.

B) 'Melo is still as naive as they believed he would be.

I just can't stress this enough. 'Melo has the talent and is a young, budding star. But, that's the key. He still acts YOUNG. You don't hear about LeBron or Flash ever on SportsCenter for something naive off the court. 'Melo is even in a better position than those two because he has a veteran to pick up the slack, but he should be learning from AI. Instead, I think he takes advantage of AI.

He takes advantage of the fact that AI is a proven veteran, and he thinks that he doesn't have to grow up because AI is there. You are wrong Carmelo. AI says that the Denver Nuggets are YOUR team. Getting arrested for suspicion of DUI is the biggest bonehead move EVER.

The playoffs are right around the corner. Your team hasn't even locked up a spot. How about you FOCUS on your NBA career and not create distractions for your team?

'Melo needs to mature. He's the leader of the Nuggets, and their star player can't be getting into legal trouble. The Nuggets have a great core, they might not get far in the playoffs, but 'Melo might be able to lead them far in the near future.

People would kill for the opportunity Carmelo has. He has to understand the effect his actions have on the Nuggets. Not even the Nuggets, the whole NBA. He is one of the faces of the league, and he can't be tainting the image of the NBA.

The NBA doesn't need a reckless star. The NBA doesn't need another Ron Artest.

Carmelo Anthony, get your act together. Screw this up, and people will hate you. The chance to be an NBA Superstar is 1 in a million. And, you are that one.

Read this Carmelo, and PLEASE get your act together.

Now, I know some people are looking at this and are thinking "35-year old man, Nuggets fanatic, wishes he was in NBA." Just for the record, I'm 12, and I'm a Nets fanatic. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, etc. are all people I look up to. But, Carmelo isn't on that list. I'm old enough to realize when to stop admiring a star if they do something wrong.

But, you know what? There are plenty of younger kids out there who look up to Carmelo. And, at this point in his life, he is the worst of role models. He can't control himself, and it's a shame. Many kids want to be an NBA star like Carmelo. And, they probably think it's OK to be violent or even drink and drive just because Carmelo does.

Carmelo's mistakes don't just affect him and the Nuggets, but it affects many kids out there who want to be like him.

P.S. Thank you NCshvDavid for help with this blog.


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