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"Love it or Hate it ? a blog presented by i B4 e and Harry Callahan.

We will throw out subjects and tell you why we love it or hate it.

The subjects can be anything we choose..sports figures, teams, food etc.

Hey it's our idea and we will choose what ever subject we no bitching or whining.

We may even agree on some of them..but even should be a fun ride.

So sit back and get ready to share some laughs..and screwball opinions from us.

We hope you enjoy.


The first subject is..Mark Cuban..Dallas Mavs owner.


Okay i will have first shot.

Harry : I am going with..I love Cuban.

I loved it when he was fined by the NBA $500,000 after saying this about Ed Rush the leagues director of officials.

"I wouldn't hire him to manage a Dairy Queen"

HA ! HA ! HA ! $500,000 is pocket scratch to him..he is worth like 1.5 Billion dollars.

Then he accepted an invitation to work behind the counter of a Dairy Queen to laugh it all off and be a good sport about it.



i B4 e :I love Cuban's too, but make sure you're not getting any Dominicans.


The second subject is..March Madness ending in April.

You have first crack at this one i

i B4 e : I hate it.

It's called MARCH Madness for a reason, it's supposed to be over in March. I can remember when it used to.

Good grief man, they take a week off (or so it seems) in between rounds. Then we have to wait another week for the Final 4.

Dang it Jim, these kids are missing 3 weeks of school or more.

I say finish the stupid tournament in March, or else just drop the "March" part and call it "We'll finish when we darn well feel like Madness"


Harry : I love it.

I used to think March Madness was some sort of drunken Marine's marching formation.

The name can't be changed now..we are stuck with it.

It's been around since 1939 and no other name would sound right..


The third subject is Pamela Anderson.

Your turn good man.

i B4 e : Hate her.

Pamela doesn't really do anything for me.

I love a nice rack as much as the next guy, but those are too much.

If I need more than two hands to grab hold of them, well, it's just too much work.

Now, Alyssa Milano...She's got a bodacious set of ta ta's.


Harry : Love her...and Oooooh ! Alyssa Milano..Love her too.

Well let me clarify myself..i used to love her..i mean i didn't watch "Baywatch" to see David Hasselhoff.

But i do have the feeling that from what i have heard about Tommy Lee and Kid Rock being so tiny and all..I just might be what she is searching for.


The fourth subject is sprinkles on donuts.

Your turn again pally.

i B4 e: Hate them.

It's a donut for cryin' out loud. The sprinkles don't enhance anything.

They just make a mess and taste horrible. Just give me the plain old donut, chocolate or glazed, large or small.

Just keep the dang sprinkles to yourself.


Harry:Love them.

When i was a kid up north..they had this pistachio ice cream that was awesome.

Throw some chocolate sprinkles on there and it would be heaven in a bowl.

Hell i could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Beer and ice cream don't mix well scratch the eating it for dinner idea.


Okay for the fifth subject..let's turn to.."Mike and Mike in the morning"

I guess i will take the leadoff here.

Harry: Love them.

These guy's get my day started in the morning.I start off with my cup of coffee and their show.

I prefer Greenberg to Golic..but so does virtually the whole planet.I even love their theme song.

They just start my day off with sports swirling in my head.


i B4 e : Sorta..kinda hate them.

I wouldn't say that I hate them, other than them being somewhat annoying.

I don't listen to them regularly and maybe I caught them on a bad day.

I couldn't stand more than like 3 minutes before my ear drums started bleeding.


Well it just dawned on me that i have loved everything on the list so far and you hated the last four subjects.

I guess i better speed it up in hating something.

I hope the next and sadly the last subject for this installement is something i really despise.

The next subject is....Spiking the ball to kill the clock.




You are up again sir.

i B4 e: Hate it.

You just don't know how much I hate that. I love the good old days of the NFL when the QB had to throw the ball in the direction of the receiver to kill the clock.

Half the time, the guys aren't even set now. The two minute offense used to have meaning and was far more exciting to watch.

Now it's like the 5 1/2 minute warning and you know what they are going to do. Any other time during the game it's grounding. That's one rule I wish they would get rid of.


Harry : Hate it.

Hey... i did a hate one.

I have got to agree with you on this one..but i would probably love it if it hinged on my team winning the game.

I love it when my wife yells to the kid's and says..."It's the 2-minute warning we are sitting down to dinner in 3 minutes"..then i say.." probably better make it 15 minutes".


Well thats it folks..we hope you enjoyed it..check back for new episodes to follow.

This has been a "Pier-11 Production" established 1/02/08 all rights reserved.


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