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Sorry for the delay folks. Went to DC for a while. Caught the Nats loose 10-2. But this is the FINAL Job. There will be a sequal to the series, but the next one will be 7 PARTS! Woot! 1000 VIEWS PEOPLE! Lets try it!

Once that laser hit his fathers head panic set in.


And chops were heard. When C02 is pulled of a paintball gun. Those kind of chops.

"Damn out of ammo, your lucky Kevin. You start crying now or ill pull out my extra ammunition."

Kevin now knew he was serious. He immideitly started crying.

"Im sorry Mom, Dad I just got really emotional."

His parents breathed a aggravated sigh.

"Good one Black."

A click was heard. His parents rushed over to him.

"Kevin dont scare us like that."

As soon as his parents were looking the other way he took out the earpiece and threw it. Out the window. In his parents arm he felt like a kid again. He was having second thoughts again. He knew he was timid. He couldnt do this. BUT HE HAD TO! It was as if the two sides of his brain were fighting. His mind stayed in focus. He was doing it.

"Alright kid lets go watch some of the ESPN"

An ongoing joke with him and his father was to put THE in front of all the shows.

"Alright Pop."

So downstairs they went. Watch some of the ESPN, and go to bed. In the middle of ESPN his father said something that made him want to drop down and cry.

"Son, you really dont know how happy I am to have you here."

Kevin bit his tounge, stay focused he said to himself.

"I am happy to be here pop"

They watched ESPN for about an hour till 12 and Kevin decided he should get some sleep before the Job.

"Night pop."

"Night son"

once Kevin got to the end of the hall his dad spoke up.

"Love you son"

Biting his tounge to the point of it bleeding kevin grabbed it.

"Love you too Dad."

He ran upstairs not bothering to be alert of his mother in the next room. Luckily she didnt wake but he was scared for a moment. Crying to himself before he knew it he was asleep.

"Wake up sleepy head, its time."

Kevin rolled over and grunted. Thinking its the morning. What he encountered next brought him back to reality. Sir slapped Kevin in the face. Hard.

"Wake up you piece of ****."

Oh no. The Job. Kevin got up and shifted upright. Rubbing his eyes he tryrd to show he wasn't crying. It worked.

"Alright all the doors are locked, windows shaded. Now its your turn. Put this on Kevin."

Sir shoved a black sock with 3 holes towards Kevin. He took it and put it on.


"Not at all"

Stupid idea. Another slap in the face. Kevin couldn't see well but he felt a cold nozzle of a gun hit his face.

"How about now."

Kevin was silent for about 10 seconds.


"Good now lets get started. We'll be right behind you just give us the combo when you get it and get ready to shoot when we unlock the doors."

Kevin felt a side of shock.

"I thought we were waiting till morning."

Sir chuckled.

"And give you a chance to escape? I dont think so. The plan is we are going to bang on the doors have him rush out and you shoot."

Kevin winced. Pain went into his gut, as if hit by something.

"Follow me" Kevin said with confidence.

Kevin slowly moved out of his bed room and towards the end of the hallway, he moved on the tip toes of his feet. With pain I might add. His joints were swelled and he was holding back tears. He swiftly got to the end of the hallway. Removing the painting he grabbed the combo and handed it to Sir as is it was gold. Alright Kevin im going to grab my weapon you stay here. Sir moved into the bedroom, making not a single move. Kevin had more thoughts. Sir emerged with with his pistol in his pants.

"I am going to start banging and when I say so shoot."

Kevin thought of a new plan. A huge new plan. Sir arrived at the door. Back to Kevin. Kevin went through with it. He pushed Sir into the bedroom and locked the door 

"KEVIN!! OPEN THE DOOR NOW!" Sir screamed

Soon after that Kevins father emerged.


Dad get Mom we need to get out of here!

Kevins father quicklly picked up his wife, and they ran downstairs. As soon as they got downstairs. Tiny and Twitch emerged.

"Kevin, what are you going to do now?" Twitch said, in his unforgiving tone.

Kevin had no choice, he will either be killed, or he has to kill his father.

"I am sorry Dad," Kevin said through tears, and moved his hand toward his hollister.

"For what?"

His hand pulled the gun and he started lifting. BOOM! 


A shot was fired. It wasn't Tiny or Twitch. It wasn't even Kevin. It was George F Black. Right into the temple of his own Sons head. Sound came out of Georges pocket.

"George let me out."

"Yes sir..."

George moved to the top of the steps, put his wife down.

"Hon. its over. Hes dead."

"Good, now lets grab Thomas and the crew and leave." And she went back to sleep.

George did as he was told, and left.  


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