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The Los Angeles Dodgers will celebrate Jackie Robinson's 61st anniversary of breaking the color barrier tonight, while playing the Pittsburgh Pirates. Their entire organization will grace beautiful #42 jerseys, which will later be donated to raise money for the prestigious Dodgers Dreams Foundation. Although Robinson never played for the Pirates, they will also be wearing the sacred jersey number in his honor.

Hong-Chih Kuo will be the starting-pitcher for Los Angeles. Kuo recently replaced Esteban Loaiza in the Dodgers' Starting Rotation. It was surprising to see Joe Torre, a respected manager yank a veteran from his starting job so early in the 2008 Regular Season. Hopefully, Kuo will stay healthy and pitch well for the Dodgers' organization.

In addition, James Loney has been maintaining a miraculous 13-game hitting streak. The longest record in team history was achieved when Steve Garvey opened up the 1978 Regular Season with a 21-game hitting-streak. Can Loney seriously challenge DiMaggio's divine 56-game hitting-streak? I hope so.

The Dodgers slipped into last-place in the National League West with a tragic loss last night to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Takashi Saito blew a save by surrendering a monstrous homerun to Nate McLouth in the top of the ninth inning. It was not a pleasant event for Dodgers' fans to witness.

Xeifrank of  Dodger Sims predicts that the Dodgers have a 59% chance of beating the Pittsburgh Pirates. He also believes that the Padres will defeat the Rockies, and that the Giants will be victorious against the Diamondbacks. At this point, Dodgers' fans are desperate for any wins to pull them out of last-place in the National League West.

Ned Colletti has provided Los Angeles' starting line-up for tonight's game:

  • Furcal, SS
  • Kemp, RF
  • Ethier, LF
  • Kent, 2B
  • Loney, 1B
  • Martin, C
  • Jones, CF
  • DeWitt, 3B
  • Kuo, SP

I'm glad to see that Matt Kemp is back in the line-up. According to Diamond Leung, Joe Torre, "told him just be patient. I know that's not part of any young man's vocabulary. I told him you'll be playing most of it the rest of the way. I have a sense he's going to get a good amount of time." I'm curious to know whether or not the Dodgers are on the verge of dealing away Juan Pierre. But, we will find out soon!

Lastly, Tommy Lasorda has been "honored and privileged," to receive Pope Benedict XVI in the South Lawn of the White House tomorrow night. Technically, since Lasorda is the Vice President of the Los Angeles Dodgers, we are being honored through association. In addition, I believe that the holy leader will be holding a giant mass at Yankee Stadium over the weekend. 

Lets get a win tonight over the Pirates to honor Jackie Robinson!


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