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Round 1, 14th Overall Brandon Albert OG/OT Virgina

As he could fill either gap on the line for us (LT/LG) and IMO is well worth taking over Otah who I feel will be the only other OT Talent out of the top 4 OT left with Long/Clady/Willams already gone to high choices e.g.

Long (one of the top 4)
Clady (Kansas if they don't go Ryan)
Williams (Denver if they don't trade down or Carolina if they don't go QB/RB)

Round 2, 44th overall Chris Johnson RB East Carolina

This maybe a reach but I feel he is the perfect combination with Benson. Benson can pound it out, Chris johnson has the breakaway speed but the size to run after contact which puts him ahead of both Wolfe and Peterson. If we don't take him here then by the 3rd rd I feel we are getting good backs but not backs that could outright challenge Benson for the starting job. At a pinch we could wait till the first 3rd rd pick at 70th overall but I think that then we would just missed out on the game breakers with Charles and Felix Jones joining Mendenhall, Stewart and McFadden going in the 1st and at worst Forte and Rice ( the only other two options in my eyes) could be gone by the early 3rd rd at worst. Choice could also be an Idea if we don't go after RB in the second as I feel Choice will still be there at the 70th overall pick. He might even be there for the 90th pick (the Bears second 3rd rd pick) but that maybe pushing our luck) Other than RB I can see the Bears going OL again or QB if a gem fell to us like Brohm/Flacco but I would not jump at Henne as I can see alot of Grossman's decision making and lack of elusiveness in the pocket in him.

Round 3, 70th Overall Jordy Nelson WR Kansas State

I really like this WR, he's a good route runner, has good game speed, great hands and could fill a role for the Bears in the long run along side Hester once Booker has gone. He's got great leadership qualities and showed clutch concentration when needed alot in Kansas as he was there go to guy when they needed points late in the game. Also I feel that the Bears will only spend one pick in the first 6 rds on a WR as they have a large group of Maybe/Unproven Players at the postion.

For Example, The players I mean players are Bradley (could be a perfect replacement for Berrian if he stays healthy, but that's a big if), Booker (was great with the Bears previously but has obvoiusly aged and had a down year last year, all be with the Dolphins, but has to prove he is a viable option still), Lloyd, (Showed good potential in San Fransico but has an Ego problem but this may of just been imaturity. He was bad in Washington but he made no secret that he didn't get on with the coach's there and the team was asking him to do things he could do. Maybe with Turner, his old OC at Illinois, this can change), Hass, (Unproven player as he's not had a chance but has the potential as he is a Fred Biletnikoff award winner) Hester, (Has a great return game but has to prove he's really to take on the role as an every down WR, I feel he just needs to work on his concentration and knowledge of the system and he will be fine) I feel Nelson could be a great addition as he is the mixture of all the good things of our current WR's but without many of the bad. (He's consistant, Healthy, great Hands, used to being relyed apon for the game winning catch) The only knock on him would be that he hasn't shown his strength off yet with a Bench press workout as the Bears need to know he can work in the blocking game for our "run-first" offence.

Round 3, 90th Overall OT either Jeremy Zuttah from Rutgers or Oniel Cousins from UTEP (both of who I value above Hills from Texas)

I feel with Jerry choosing OG in RD 1 that he will want to go OT sometime again in the top 3 rds as the talent pool reduces considerably after Collins (Kansas), Sam Baker (USC), Duane Brown (Virginia Tech), Carl Nicks (Nebraska), John Greco (Toledo), who in my eyes will of already gone. I feel that Zuttah and Oniel Cousins are the last of the Top tier OT in the draft, not because they are not good prospects but simply that I feel that teams have underated them as OT Talents and I feel, especially with Zuttah that he could be a force in the NFL as he is very athletic for a Big Man. OG is an option if Jerry/Lovie and Co are sold on Albert being a LT and in this case I fell that one of either Chilo Rachal OG USC and Roy Schuening OG Oregon St may fall to the 3rd rd, However I feel if that's the case that they will not last to the 90th Pick so they will have to be taken with the 70th leaving WR to go at 90th overall with a player like Donnie Avery (Houston). Alternatively they could go OG with 70 and OT with 90 and still take a good WR in the 4th, maybe aiming to get a player like Dexter Jackson (App State) / Paul Hubbard (Wisconsin) or Harry Douglas (Louisville) who I feel will be avaliable.

Round 4, 110th Overall S (either SS or FS depending on available talent)

If Tom Zbikowski SS Notre Dame is here I would jump for him at 110th overall, however I feel he's going earlier, probably in the late 3rd rd. Other than Zibby, Josh Barrett SS Arizona St could be a nice option as Lovie has familarity with Arizona State having taken Jamar Williams from there previously. Wesley Woodyard would be another option, but I feel after watching him in the senoir bowl practices with Mike Singletary, who was very impressed with him, that a 4-3 Team may keep him as a OLB as he was in college. I also like Craig Steltz SS LSU and Jamar Adams SS Michigan here as well. As for FS Quintin Demps FS UTEP, again if he's here, I would have no worries taking but I feel he will go very early in this rd before our pick, even if he lasts that late. Another option at FS is available however in Thomas DeCoud FS California, but I feel this is a reach. As Jerry has already said, the S pool this year is Weaker than in Previous Years, But it's not desperate and in recent years we have been spoilt for choice at the S postion with players like LaRon Landry/Michael Griffin/Reggie Nelson/Brandon Meriweather/Donte Whitner/Jason Allen/Thomas Davis all taken in the 1st rd in the last 3 years.

Other than S the Bears could go DT with players like DeMario Pressley (NC State) or Marcus Harrison (Arkansas) or QB with Booty (USC) or Woodson (Kentucky) who I feel will not be around much longer.

Round 5, 142nd overall Drew Radovich OG USC or DT

If the Bears haven't gone OL yet since rd 1 then They are look at Albert as the LT going forward and they are in need of a run blocking OG I feel that Drew Radovich OG USC fills that need well and he could work well as our starting LG this year, Plus if we are lucky he will still be here.

If they have taken an OT earlier then the need is DT depth ant they will hope that either one of the prevoiusly mentioned DT have fallen (DeMario Pressley (NC State) or Marcus Harrison (Arkansas)) or they look at Carlton Powell DT Virginia Tech, Frank Okam DT Texas, Keilin **** DT West Virginia or Nick Hayden DT Wisconsin and pick the one who best fits the need, whether or not that be as a Pass Rusher or as a run stuffer, I feel it depends on what they see out of the DT surprise they found in Matt Toeaina from the Cincinati practice squad. If he can show his disruptive force like he did in the last few games last year, againist Adrian Peterson especially, then I feel that a pass rushing DT is less of a need.

Alternatively, the Bears could go QB here and either shoot themselves in the foot and try and make Colt Breenan work or reach for Dennis Dixon but I feel he will be around later and that Breenan would be a mistake.

Round 6 FB/TE/S/OT depth or different style option. (Maybe QB)

This is where the bears simply can take the best player available in postions that theny don't have huge depth in. I listed FB, not because we need another one but as a run first team that uses a lead blocker and our other option from 2 years ago, J D Runnels still on the comeback trail (he was cut I believe but the Bears i'm sure have been keeping an Eye on his progress) I feel a change of style FB maybe a interesting additon and I feel that Jacob Hester is that Man. Having seen LSU play this year Hester is impressive and he's a sort of player who would accept his role as a bit time offensive player but a big time Special teams Monster happily. He would provide another dangerous goaline weapon and another reason for the Bears Play-Action-Pass offense to thrive as teams would have to watch him closely. Not to metion how cool would it be to have two Hesters. Also he could play the role as a 3rd TE. Although, he has not got the size for a blocking TE heis blocking abilities are down right impressive for a smaller man and he has a hell of a motor. He could quite literaly open up another dimension to our offense that yes probably would only be used maybe twice a game, but would help to defense honest.

At TE I feel that we don't need a Offensive target but we need a Kyle Brady style TE, when called apon he can catch and make some yards but we need a crushing blocker. Tom Santi TE Virginia and Christian Hopkins TE Toledo are both in this mould and both have the same disadvantages. This being overall speed, however for the role we need them for I feel that Hopkins could be the better deal as he has the power to drive through defenders in short yardage situations and is a mean streaked blocker.

At S we have Jamie Silva. I only mention him here cause it is insane to think that a player with his game stats could still be on the board at this point. Joking apart If we wanted to risk it, we could even leave him to later, but really due to poor 40 times at the combine, he may be here.

OT still maybe a choice here as we groom a replacement at RT for the long term. I feel that athother Rutgers Man maybe the answer here. Pedro Sosa OT although under sized could be a great late round pickup as he is a very clever student and learns quickly, He had to be to help Ray Rice to alot of yards over the last 4 years as a starter. I feel he could really surprise people especially if he has chance to learn off the field for a season or two. Which if the Bears did take him here he might just be able to do. At worst he would be a talented backup, at best he would anchor our OL in the future with maybe Albert at LT/ Drew Radovich LG and Pedro Sosa RT.

QB (Maybe) Depending on who is avalible I can see the Bears looking Late for A QB to groom. Dennis Dixon would be nice but I feel he will be gone. Small team Prospects could be the way forward with maybe Matt Flynn in the mix as well so really It depends who the Bears Like out of whats left. Personally I feel that QB could wait as late as the 7th if the seroiusly are only looking for a developmental prospect. Besides we can look to take QB next year behing a heavily improved team if we have all the picks already taken here which in the long run coulfd help the team anyway as the QB of the future wouldn't end up brusied and battered behing a much improved OL with an Improved Running game and the posibility practising with a drafted WR from this year, buliding a relationship to carry on to the future. My ideas would be Paul Smith Tulsa, Kevin O'Connell San Diego State, Dennis Dixon Oregon, Matt Flynn LSU and Bernard Morris Marshall.

Round 7, 222nd, 243rd, 247th and 248th Overall.

Really these can be for BPA and I would love for some of the players mentioned above in context with the 6th Rd pick still to be available but really thats unlikely. So as we cannot trade 3 out of the 4 7th rd picks we simply add depth and talent that can contribute on Special teams or as a prospect to develop for the future. QB will be taken here if it's not already and It probably will be one of the before mentioned players.

So what you think, Sorry about the small Novel but I started Typing and it just didn't stop. __________________


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