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416 Date (4/16) of 2005 when Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg hooked up at UFC 52 Couture vs. Liddell 2. The card was star studded to say the least, obviously Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell headlined the event and Hughes and Trigg were on the card. But it also featured Georges St. Pierre, Renato Sobral, Matt Lindland, Travis Lutter and Jason Miller among others.


Hughes and Trigg squared off in the sixth fight of the night and when they stood across from each other it probably felt like a reunion of sorts. They fought once before at UFC 45 on November 21, 2003, "Twinkle Toes" Trigg's debut with the promotion. The veteran Hughes rudely welcomed the newcomer to the UFC by submitting him with a rear naked choke at 3:54 of round one.

After this fight though, the two men appeared on the same card first at UFC 48 when in the fifth fight Hughes gained a decision over Renato Verissimo and then in the seventh bout Trigg TKO'd Dennis Hallman.

Only four months later both fighters were on the same card at UFC 50. This time it was Trigg's turn to face Verissimo and he TKO'd him at 2:11 of round two in the fourth fight of the night. Hughes followed up Trigg's victory by submitting Georges St. Pierre with an armbar at 4:59 of round one.

And this brings us to April 16th of three years ago. Hughes and Trigg tangled for a second time and were on the same card for a fourth time in a little under a year and a half. So as you can see it was a reunion of sorts, but at this one they didn't eat burgers and drink beer.

The fight is still considered by many as one of the best in the UFC. Trigg started on fire and found himself on top, pummeling Hughes and working for a rear naked choke. The same choke Hughes used on him at UFC 45. Trigg seemed on the verge of finishing the fight. Hughes struggled though and eventually found his way out of the choke and then lifted Trigg high into the air, walked him across the cage and slammed him to the canvas.

In a matter of seconds the fight had turned, now Hughes was the aggressor. He went to work on a rear naked choke of his own and at 4:05 of round one forced Trigg to tap.

As of today, April 16, 2008 Hughes and Trigg have not fought, or fought on the same card again and most likely they never will. Three years ago however, their fighting relationship came to an explosive culmination at UFC 52.

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