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Anthony E-is out.
AE: Good afternoon everyone! Welcome to today's edition of Jusk Ask Cincy 
with Anthony E. your host for today! 
Today we will get into the mind of the man, the hut of the nut, I give you  
FanNation's resident Nasty Nat, Ovechkin's 
#1 fan, and one of the most popular and better bloggers of our time...
please give a round of applause to

DC- Thank you, thank you very much. Glad to be here.

AE: Good afternoon, DC. How are you doing, especially now that your Caps are in the playoffs?

DC: Well, I'm happy the Caps made the playoffs, but just a little ticked that they're
down 2 games to 1 right now. 
This series ain't over; it's just that now I've gotta "revise and extend" 
my remarks saying it would go 5 games. 
This MAY go 6 or 7...but I'm hoping the Caps pull it out.

AE: Well there is a large studio audience today, and our ratings are expected to go
to an all time high today...and you are presumably the reason why. 
What do you have to say to your loyal fans before we begin?
DC: Gee, I didn't know I even HAD fans!!! LOL I'm kidding; 
I know there are people on here who like me (I think).

AE: So DC let's get to the meat of the interview. How did you get started on Fannation?

DC: It's been so long, I forgot. OK, only kidding...
actually, I ran across FN back in September, but I didn't think about
blogging on here till a month later. Once I did, it came easy to me.

AE: Did you have a "mentor" and if you did, who was it?

DC: If you mean a "mentor" on FN, no.
The closest I can come to a "mentor" was my 4th grade teacher, who saw
something in me. I was always a bright

AE: So what do you like most about FanNation? 
The blogging, the people, the experience?

DC: I'd say that covered it. Blogging; people; experience...yeah, that's about it, I guess. I
 like writing, to be honest. 
It gives me an outlet.

AE: What is your proudest FanNation accomplishment?

DC: I'd have to say, getting to 200 blogs (and beyond) on FN.
I'm surprised myself, that I could come up with 
200-some topics to think up. I have a LOT to say, obviously!!! lol.

AE:  Who are your favorite bloggers (3 please) and groups (2 please)?

DC: DAMN, that's a hard question!!! But, I'll give it the old "college try"
(even though I only have a high school 
diploma!!! LOL). 
Bloggers are easy: 1) J.Hova, 2) RUGator, 3) Sneaky Pete

Groups: 1) BB&S (that's Babes, Beer and Sports, for the uninitiated), and
2) the 40/40 Club (and NOT just because I 
have VIP status, either!!! LOL).

AE: Seems you don't throwdown much. Any reason for that? 
We know you have a lot to say, and a lot of knowledge
so why don't you throwdown more often?

DC:The one time I did a TD, I went down in flames (and rightfully so, I might add).
I went up against Big Ben, and we
BOTH hated to do it. But I said, "Let's go through with it. I started this; 
I ain't backing out." Truth is, I haven't come
up with a topic worth TDing over. SOMEDAY...

AE: So let's change gears here and start talking about you personally. 
Where do you hail from?

DC: Originally, I was born in our nation's capital...but I actually call the Shenandoah
Valley home. Specifically, I live  NOW in a little place called Luray, VA, and it's living alone now. 
Before that, I was at home with the parents 7 miles 
to the south in a place called Stanley. 

AE: What do you do for a living?
(Because whatever it is, you should just leave it and become a beat writer for 
Washington Sports Teams!)

DC: Better I not say anything. All I'll say is THIS:
I get a SSI check @ the 1st of the month, and THAT satisfies paying my Internet bill 
(so I can KEEP writing these blogs of mine!!! LOL).To tell you the truth, I am a bit of a 
frustrated writer. Like I said before, this place IS an outlet for me. 

AE: So what are your predictions for all your favorite teams for their seasons?

DC: Well, since you, I'd like for the Caps and Wizards to go deep
into their respective playoff(s). As far as the Nationals go, I've said publicly on FN that they'll 
finish 3rd in the NL East. It's NOT playoff-caliber, YET, but I've also said there'll be a 
World Series trophy in Washington by 2013. I figure it'll take till 
then to build up this franchise from the ground up.

AE: What is your favorite sports show?

DC: I don't really have one, to be honest. I can't pick one show over another,
and I'm not gonna do it HERE.

AE: Living so close to D.C., you must hear a lot about the Presidential Race for 08. 
Who's your choice? 

DC: NONE. There's not a damned ONE of them that's worth it.
I'll just write my OWN damned name on the ballot...
Hell, I'm probably OVER-qualified for the gig!!! LMAO

AE: What do you feel is the biggest issue of this year's election? 
Foreign policy? Economy? How they funded the 
Nat's new stadium?
DC: I don't know, and quite honestly, I could give a rat's a** about this election. 


AE: Well we are running out of time DC. Seems I have time for one last question...

Is there anything that you would like FanNation to know about you that we haven't mentioned here?

Like a cool fact about yourself?

DC: Cool fact?? Hmmm...give me a moment. OK, I got it.

Despite the fact I have ONLY a high school diploma,
I know more about broadcasting than any of the numbnuts 
running the industry. The difference is, I don't FLAUNT that fact. 
Believe me, any schmo off the street could run a 
broadcast network...and probably do it BETTER...
but, I'll never be able to prove THAT theory any time soon!!!

AE: Well DC that's a wrap. Say goodbye to your lovely fans. I'm Anthony E.,
and this edition of Just Ask Cincy has
ended. I hoped you learned a great deal about DC, because I know I did, 
and I hope you enjoyed the episode!
Remember to tune into the next episode 
of Just Ask Cincy!!!!





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