I was one of the USC Trojans football fans back in the fall who wasn't ready to accept John David Booty even getting the starting job back when healthy from Mark Sanchez. So clearly, you see I am a Mark Sanchez fan all the way. And of course I have been following the whole Sanchez-Mitch Mustain-Aaron Corp. QB competition all spring from my computer here in New Jersey. And of course, I was somewhat relieved to see Sanchez has secured the starting QB position according to head coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian - and reported of course all over the nation, including today's (4-16) Los Angeles Times.

But Trojan fans and haters, do you really believe this is set in stone? Sanchez won't have to look over his shoulder for Mustain and Corp come that first practice in August? I hate to admit, but all this means recent announcement out of SC means is Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback for the months of April, May, June, July, and up to the first day of practice in August. Wow! Big deal! Really as a Sanchez fan, I would be feeling much better had USC announced there was no starting QB heading into the 2008 season and August camp.

I have always been leary of Mustain and his antics at Arkansas two years ago. Unless he has changed the attitude which seemed apparent two years ago (I'm know I'm just a fan and have never met the kid, so this is all speculation based on media accounts of the '06 debacle with Houston Nutt and Arkansas) I cannot imagine Mustain taking this recent decision too well.

Mustain's recent comments to the Los Angeles Times are a chill up my spine: "They didn't say it was over," he said. "Until they give me that, I'm going to keep playing."

USC coaches did in fact tell the Daily Trojan those same words (not quite sure the LA Times story did not have quotes from coaches of the same variety) so I'm not claiming he's making this up by any means.

 So, as a USC fan and Sanchez fan, this doesn't bode well on two fronts. Following are the two scenarios that will have me worried regarding my favorite football team and the guy I want calling the signals all spring and summer before kick-off versus Virginia even arrives:

1. Mustian will be more motivated more than ever, out-play Sanchez in August and leave me rooting for a team with an individual I do not care for at the moment.

2. Mustain pulls some of the same behaviors he pulled at Arkansas when things did not go his way, and he becomes a major distraction (bringing the media in with him) to the Trojan program to begin the 2008 season. 

Call me crazy. Tell me I'm too hard on Mustain and the kid got a raw deal from Nutt. Or tell me you have the same feelings. Tell me I completely overlooking Corp and that is foolish. Tell me you're an UCLA fan and you cannot wait for the turmoil Mustain may cause.

Whatever you think, let me know.



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