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I'm trying to start a series of interviews with members of our Mile High Club. (A.K.A Broncos Fan Club) I basically plan to talk about what's currently going on with the Broncos. And Lynch was kind enough to join me on my spiritual journey, even though he had to fight of vomiting and the temtations off the Cavs game. So after reading this you'd like to be interviewed yourself, just mail me up.

Without further ado, I present you my short but sweet interview with one of the biggiest Bronco fans on this site:


E4P: Thanks for fighting off your puking for this. I'll try to make it quick.

Lynch: Haha, no problem. Take your time. Anything for the Broncos

E4P:That's what I'm talking about. So how do you feel about the D.J. signing?

Lynch: Dude, I'm psyched because ever since Al Wilson's been gone, which left me hurting, the LB corps has needed a leader. I don't wanna sound like I'm a big expert and all but, I had a strong feeling that D.J. was gonna be it. I think he spent enough time from Al to learn from him. And with D.J. being second in the league last year in tackles, it makes the signing that much better.

E4P: Uh, I was talking about the new D.J., Darrell Jackson.

Lynch: I know, I was just joshin ya. I just want to let you know that there is only one D.J. on that team, until Darrell can prove himself with the Broncos. But in all seriousness, I do like the signing. I also like the addition of Samie Parker before him. I think both guys can be pieces of the Broncos' puzzle for that number two receiving spot (unlike some Raiders we know of). I also think they can upgrade their game because Jay Cutler has shown a lot of maturity in his interviews and hopefully he can translate that to the field.

E4P: Okay well finish this equation:
1)B. Marshall + 2)________ + 3)B. Stokley

A)Random drafted receiver
B)Darrell Jackson

Lynch: I would choose A on two occasions. One, we draft Limas Sweed in the first round which I think could happen because the Broncos have been known over the past few seasons to pick out of the ordinary picks. For example, they never talked to Jay or D.J. before the draft, yet, they got selected, so i won't rule that out. And 2, if Darrell doesn't do well in the off-season, training camps, and preseason, we know Shanahan will not hesitate to give the number 2 spot to someone else. My final answer would be B because usually, with the exception of Colston, first year WR's don't usually work out all the time. I think Darrell can and will prove himself in the off-season programs. I wouldn't mind drafting a receiver in the draft though.

E4P: You do have a point about us not talking to players. But that's because Mikey thinks he's James Bond.

Anways, do you think we will draft a WR with one of our first two picks?

Lynch: Haha. Well, I'm not quite sure yet. It would be nice to get an o-linemen in the first round. But if we don't I won't be terribly disappointed, because, like I've said many times, Jay is a better QB on the run, so on paper, we don't really NEED to draft an o-linemen in the first round. But I guess we do need an LT to cover Jay's blind side. If anything, I'd want to take a WR in the second round. We would need a speedy, deep threat receiver, since we already have Brandon Marshall, who can be a deep threat at times, but a much better position receiver. But when you look at the second round, there is depth in the draft at the WR position, but the speedy receivers will be taken in the first round. The second round receivers are more position receivers. So I guess I don't see us taking one in 1 or 2. Maybe beyond that, that would be nice.

E4P: Sounds like our mock draft. It also sounds like your pretty high on Cutler. (Can't say I blame you.) What current QBs do you put before him on the top QB list?

Lynch: First off, I wanna say that Philip Rivers is below Jay. Who's the baby now?
Okay, this isn't necessarily in order:
1. Peyton Manning
2. Tom Brady
3. Tony Romo
4. David Garrard
That's it. That is it. In my mind, Big Ben is overrated and I think is eventually going to crumble. Derek Anderson is overrated. If you look at my blog about the scheduling for the Broncos, you can see me mentioning why Jay is better than D.A. Jay Cutler has a chance to be one heck of a QB. He's so mature. That's one of the most important personality traits a QB has to have in the NFL. He also has poise. It reminds me of John Elway. In pressure situations, Cutler is hurried, yet also poised. We got to see that in many games last year, it was also practice for Jay. He's only going to get better. He has, again, so much potential and I'm excited to see him in his prime.

E4P: No Carson Palmer or Eli? Very bold. Here's your chance for another bold statement. If the Broncos have another losing season next season, do you think Shanny will lose his job?

Lynch: To be honest, I would not want him to lose his job, nor do I think he would lose his job. The players are almost in place, they need to go out and perform. The players seem happy enough with the coaches so far from what I've heard. I think last year wasn't his fault. Too many injuries. In this case it is an excuse. Javon Walker, Travis Henry, Ebeneezer, Jarvis Moss, are only some of the guys that got hurt. The only thing I disagreed with about Shanahan was hiring Jim Bates last year. He couldn't just fire him in the middle of the year. The bottom line is, if the Broncos fire Shanahan, who would be a better coach to replace him? Who could we get. It's like in Remember the Titans. Mike's not just a coach, he's our coach.

E4P: I'll let you go now because I know it's getting late over there. Thanks again and don't let those bed bugs bite.

Lynch: Thank you, and I'll try.


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