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This is going to be a short post,

Basically dicussing the extreme dislike of the way of the world,

No I am not talking about topics such as global warming, politicians, gas prices, ect. This is to state that the world is deteriorating because of our own stubborness and fear.

1. Not enough people speak their mind and are overly passive causing the weak minded to be commanded and fearful of life itself and therefore clouding their judgement, and in turn creating a bias opinion.

2. Most people who do speak their mind only do so to downgrade and weaken another person and only complain about meaningless items to make themselves feel better about their own insecurity and lax style of living.

3. "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians". Everyone wants to be in charge, it gives them a sense of bieng important, well get a grip your not.

4. Society is too polite to those who make a joke out of life. Today very few adults control their children, all they do is pay the bills for the kids to live while they get walked on and bossed by someone half their age.

5. Not enough people believe in hard work, or work at all for that matter. Too much welfare for those who dont need it and are capable of creating a successful life for themselves.

6. Once again society is too polite, but this time towards criminals. Life should be "an eye for an eye". If you rape, you should have your sexual organs removed. If you steal, you should lose finger by finger. If you kill you should recieve maximum punishment of death not by lethal injection, but rather by beating, hanging or the same way the victim was killed.

7. Support ypur troops overseas. Do not hate and protest against them, when they are only following orders and doing the job you arent willing to.

8. Take control of your life, don't blame others for your misfortune or your mistake. Take every curveball thrown at you. You will get knocked down, its life, its sucks, you live to pay taxes and then you die, get used to it and stop complaining, whining doesnt help.

9. Respect your elders and show respect to others, but don't take disrespect.

10. Take life in, you only live once, it may be miserable, but at least your alive, if you want to die, jump off a bridge, and if you want to commit suicide, don't make it messy, people don't like cleaning up body parts. Stand up for yourself, speak your mind and work hard. Remember we are responsible for ourselves and blaming someone else for your actions doesnt make you a better person. If you have a problem take it straight to that person and speak your mind, dont hide it.

11. Finally admire what you DO have, not what you dont. The smallest things may mean the most in the event of a loss. I know personally. This is the view of the world from my perspective. It needs to change. So start now.



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