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Now, for Part two of why LeBron should be MVP. Believe it or not there have been even more throwdowns this week on who should be the MVP of the NBA. My personal list is:
1. LeBron James
2. Chris Paul
3. Kobe Bryant
4. Kevin Garnett
5. Dwight Howard (some people have forgot about him, this is just to remind people)

When I look at the TD's on FN, the first things I see are the stats, which for me, leaves a very bad taste in my mouth because, if you want to debate the MVP and you bring up stats, how is LeBron even out of the discussion? 30 pts, 7, rebs, and 7 ast? For a forward with an NBA lineup who can't and hasn't been doing jack without LeBron. The LeBron critics that say it's because he's in the East, save it. That excuse is dead to me. Name the top three guys for the big four MVP candidates:

1. Chris Paul
2. David West
3. Tyson Chandler
2 All Stars

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Pau Gasol
3. Andrew Bynum/Lamar Odom
2 All Stars

1. Kevin Garnett
2. Ray Allen
3. Paul Pierce
3 All Stars

1. LeBron James
2. Z
3. ?
1 All Star

That question mark is not because I don't know anyone else on their team, it's because every night it's either there isn't a third player, or, nor there usually isn't one. Every once in a while they get some help. But also every once in a while LeBron has to do everything by himself. Why? Because the second best guy on the Cavaliers is a 34 year old with a bad back and slow feet. And if anything, Kobe should be Exec of the Year for the front office actually listening to him and delivering him a good trade.

Lebron makes the players around him better, more than Kobe and Chris Paul do. Lebron spreads the floor a lot more than those two do, AND like I said in my last blog, he is the best 4th quarter player in the NBA, despite his free throw shooting.

Another thing that I'm not too happy about is people still bagging on Lebron's defense. What people are forgetting is that defensive rebounds and steals are, get this, actually are defensive stats! Chris Paul was the leader in STPG with a staggering 2.71. The next MVP candidates are both LeBron and Kobe with the same number! How about that? They both averaged 1.84 STPG. Arguably, this is a better stat for LeBron than Kobe because Kobe is a guard, while LeBron is a forward.
Now, Defensive Rebounds Per Game or DRPG. KG is the first of the MVP's with 7.3. Who's second? Our favorite, LeBron James with 6.1, which led the Cavs. And don't call me a hypocrite. I know Kobe and CP3 are guards, but, neither of them are close to LeBron with the next closest, Kobe, getting 5.2 DRPG.

Onto our final stat, points. During the season, Lebron became the all time leading scorer in Cavs history, and become the youngest to ever score 10,000 points. Now these are very impressive, but since both of those processes did not happen all this year, those can't contribute to why he should be MVP. But, one stat that does, is his NBA leading 30 points per game. And averaging 2 less points, though playing 7 more games, is Kobe Bryant. Had Bryant not have the support that he had this year, he would've had a much better shot at the scoring title. but since he had more SUPPORT, he didn't. Another thing I would like to point out, is this neato thing that averages all the NBA's players, points, rebounds, and assists per game. Just guess who is in first place. Of course it's LeBron, or else I wouldn't be mentioning it. He averages 45.1 points, rebs, and asts total per game than anyone else in the NBA. The next closes MVP candidate is Kobe with 40. May sound close, but since it's combining all three stats together, it's farther away than it may seem.

LeBron has been the most electrifying player in the NBA this year. He makes plays, he creates plays, and he does things every single night that makes you want to watch him. He also has the most fun of any player on the court that night he plays. He's like Tiger Woods. Without Tiger Woods, no one watches golf. Without LeBron James, no one watches the Cavs. Tigers Woods is surrounded by crappy players. LeBron is surrounded by crappy players.

Kobe can jump over a car, but can he carry ten guys on his back to the NBA Finals? Haven't seen that yet.

LeBron James for MVP.


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