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Rich Franklin recently stated at, "The picture has kind of been painted like striker versus grappler, whatever and basically if Travis [Lutter] gets me to the ground it's what are we gonna do? And I don't necessarily feel that way. I obviously don't want to go to the ground that's going to make the fight a much more difficult road for me, but you know I'm really comfortable and confident no matter where the fight goes."

5 Number of times (5), 22-3 Rich Franklin has submitted his opponents excluding submissions by strikes. He has arm barred four men and caught one by Kimura. Even though Rich said he was comfortable on the ground, he really doesn't want to go there because...

7 Number of times (7), 9-4 Travis Lutter has submitted his opponents. His last four wins have come by submissions. Lutter only has one KO and will definitely look to take Franklin to the ground because...

11 Number of (T)KO's (11) for Rich Franklin. He's stopped four of his last six wins by (T)KO with the other two going to a decision.

214 Current record (21-4) of middleweight champ Anderson Silva. He's a common opponent of Franklin and Lutter, matter of fact he is the last guy both of them fought, and as we all know he stopped them both; Franklin twice, but the two men have a couple other common opponents...

921 Date (9/21) of 2002 when Travis Lutter suffered his first loss to Jorge Rivera. At 3:46 of round three Rivera TKO'd Lutter. Franklin has also fought Rivera. At UFC 50 on October 22, 2004 they met and it was Franklin scoring an armbar victory at 4:28 of round three.

43 Time (0:43) of round two when at the aforementioned UFC 50 Travis Lutter got the only KO of his career. He started off the night in spectacular fashion when he put Marvin Eastman to sleep.

113 Years before UFC 50, even before Lutter's loss to Rivera, Franklin also fought Eastman on (11/3) of 2001. And Franklin was on the winning end when he sunk in an armbar in round one.

23 Date (2/3) of 2007, the last time Lutter fought and it was the loss to Silva. He doesn't think the layoff will cause problems and doesn't expect to change his game plan, when asked of his plan in an interview at MMAFrenzy, he said, "I'm going to go out there and circle him, take him down and beat him up. It's going to be that simple." When asked about taking the fight to the ground he said, "Of course, I mean every one of my fights I always want them on the ground. You know I've won a couple fights on my feet but more than anything I always want my fights on the ground."

So the stage is set. Both men are coming off losses against an unbelievably gifted fighter. Against their common opponents Franklin is 2-2 with both losses coming to Silva and both wins coming by submission. Lutter is 1-2, a KO of Eastman his lone win. Oddly enough the results against their common opponents don't match the theme of this fight. For this bout Rich wants to bang and Travis wants to wrestle, whichever one gets their way will most likely have his hand raised, but it certainly isn't a guarantee.

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