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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     All I wanted to do, was see a baseball game. That was the plan, anyway.

     I had yesterday planned. Go out to eat, then walk down to see a softball/baseball twinbill involving the two high schools here in Page County (VA). For the record, I went to the one in the southern part of the county...aptly called Page County H.S. (class of '76). It was all planned.

     That changed right around noontime.

     I get a call from my brother. "Wanna go to Harrisburg??"--meaning taking in the Harrisburg (PA) Senators, the Class AA farm team of the Nationals. Hey, I wasn't gonna pass this up; no way, no how. So, off to Harrisburg we go. The game's @ 6; we leave @ 1...figuring we'll have time to sit down and eat at a Mickey D's or somewhere and still have time to get to the stadium.

     All goes well...a side trip to Winchester (because he needs dress pants...go figure), then up I-81 through West Virginia, Maryland, and finally into Pennsylvania. It's now a little past 4; smooth sailing, right??

     How's that line go?? "The best laid plans of mice and men..."

     About 2 miles north of Shippensburg, PA...a standstill. The traffic isn't moving. Can't go forward, so we can't get off of 81. We start to notice cars ahead just veering into the median to turn around and head south. After 5 minutes of sitting...we do the same. Only 40 miles or so to Harrisburg; we'll just take good ol' US 11 through Carlisle, and hook up with 81 there.

     I always did want to visit "beautiful downtown Carlisle". I just didn't think it would be this soon. Try to get back on 81; no dice. Traffic's slow. Downtown Carlisle, here we come...

     (At this point, I need to thank the people at XM Satellite Radio. Dear brother has one in his SUV, which has kept my sanity during all those trips to Redskins, Nationals, Capitals, and even Hershey Bears games. LOVE those '50s and '60s channels.)

     Anyway, something good comes out of this little diversion: we drive right by Dickenson College...where the Redskins used to hold their training camp. So I can scratch that off my "bucket list". So, back to getting on 81. Traffic's still slow, but what the hell??

     Finally, it's about 5:45 when we get to Commerce Bank Park, home to the Senators. They're playing Toronto's farm team, based in New Hampshire. A familiar face in the Harrisburg lineup--Justin Maxwell, who'd spent some time last year with the Nats. Turns out on this night, he contributes with a 2-run double in the bottom of the 5th. Game itself was fun; Harrisburg wins it in the bottom of the 10th on a walk-off single. Final score: Harrisburg 5, New Hampshire 4.

     After staying for the fireworks, we decide to go home. "Murphy's Law", part 2 is about to kick in.

     (Aside #2: There's a primary in PA on Tuesday, so there's loads of Hillary posters abound. As we get in the car, we notice a piece of paper on the windsheild. It' Obama flyer!!! Well, that gets crumpled up. Alas, no trash can. Thus, I'm holding this in my hand till we find a place to toss it in the trash.)

     And away we to Chambersburg, to pick up Powerball tickets (and for me to take a leak). We find a Hess Express, and I a locked door. The place is open, but locked. I see a sign: "This store is locked between 10 PM and 5 AM"--it's 10:50--please use side window to make order". All I wanted to do, was take a piss. Instead, I get a Diet Pepsi and get back in the car.

     Chambersburg, PA just lost 2 more potential customers.

     At any rate, we stop off in West Virginia, find a convenience store...and drain our lilies. No tickets, though; I get a Milky Way, and we're off for home. It's 12:45 when I'm dropped off at my place.

     Now the debate: do I fire up the 'puter, and write about this experience while it's fresh in my mind, or wait until later?? Well, let's's 9:50 (Eastern) on Saturday morning as I write this, so it looks like "later" was the correct response.

     Such was MY Friday. Yee-ha.


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