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 This is my 2nd mock draft with updates . My 3rd will come out the 24th and it will be my final draft so here we go.


DOLPHINS- Jake Long, OT Michigan/ The dolphins have many needsbut cant find a trading partner. They seem set with John beck for now and will need to protect whoever starts. And chris may not fit the 3-4 defense.

RAMS- Chris  Long,DE virginia / the rams need a great End to get pressure on the opposong QB. They would love jake but he will be gone. So they will take the best player left. 

FALCONS- Glenn Dorsey, DT LSU/ the falcons will pass on ryan and get a great talent with dorsey. Theire new Coach likes defensive picks so that will be sure to effect their pick.

RAIDERS- Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas/ They now have a good defense with star Cbs and some other playmakers. they have their Qb and a good WR. All thats left is a Rb and OL. With the best Ot gone already they will probobly go with McFadden to give them a spark.

CHEIFS- Ryan Clady/ They need a talented OT and hes just that. He can open holes for LJ, and protect their Qb.

JETS- Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB Ohio state/ Gholston would fit perfectly in the jets scheme. The giants showed last yar what a quality pass rush can do for a team. Gholston would give them that kind of great pass rush.

PATRIOTS (from 49ers)- Leodis McKelvin, CB Troy/ The patriots lost star Cb Asante samuel to free agency and 3rd cb Randal Gay as well. They will look to fill this need with the best CB in the draft.

RAVENS- Matt ryan, Qb Boston college/ they need a QB, simple as that. they can fill the OL spot later but Ryan is the only QB that is at his level.

BENGALS- Sedrick Ellis, DT USC/ How can i say this.....The bengals defense sucks, and he will be the best Defensive player left. He can provide a much needed pass rush, and can stop the run.

SAINTS- Aqib Talib, Cb Kansas/ He is a great Cb which even though they added Randell Gay this is still a huge need on their team.

BILLS- Devin Thomas, WR Michigan state/ The Bills need a compliment to speedy Lee evans.Thomas is a perfect fit for what they need.

BRONCOS- Jeff Otah, OT Pittsburgh/ The broncos must protect cutler , and they  and will be forced to take the best o-linemen availabile.

PANTHERS- Keith Rivers LB/ The panther could use a playmaking LB. He will fit great in their system and will be able to help turn their D around.

BEARS- Chris Williams, OT Vanderbilt/ The broncos must protect cutler , and they  and will be forced to take the best o-linemen availabile.

LIONS- Rashard Mendenhall, RB Illinois/ After getting rid of Kevin Jones the lions will need a RB to pair with Tatum Bell. Mendenhall is the best RB left in the draft and will pair perfectly with Bells speed.

CARDINALS- Jonathan Stewert, RB oregon/ With Edge getting older the Cardinals will get stewert to pair with him. It will take pressure of the pass heavy cardinals WRs, and Qb.

VIKINGS- Derick Harvey, DE Florida/ The Vikings will add more pass rush to their line and gett stronger in the trenches. The vikings can stop the run but where uable to generate a formiddable pass rush.

TEXANS- Felix Jones, Rb Arkansas/ i beleive that the cowboys will trade up for him here, but this is assuming they wont. The texans need a RB

EAGLES- James Hardy, WR Indiana/ The Eagles Need a WR to help out McNabb and take pressure off of Westbrook.

BUCCANEERS- Malcom Kelly, WR oklahoma/ The Bucs need a compliment to Galloway. Kelly is a top Wr in this draft and wont start immedietly.

REDSKINS- Phillip Merling, DE Clemson/ The Redskins need help at WR and DE. Well their are no WRs that fit what they need, which is a big possesion WR, so they can go with the next best thing.

COWBOYS- Mario manningham/ i beleive the cowboys will get Pacman jones which menas they wont need a KR/PR anymore. That takes away from Desean jacksons value. So they will instead go with a betterr WR.

STEELERS- Branden Albert, OG Virginia/ with alen Faneca is gone and a growing need on the  line and will need fill that need.

TITANS- Desean Jackson, WR Cal/ The titans need a talented WR  and KR/PR, They can finaly get one thanks to the cowboys taking manningham instead,

SEAHAWKS- dustin Keller, TE Purdue/ Its been a long time sincce the Hawks had a good pass catching Te. Well it's about time. Keller is the best overall Te in the draft.

JAGUARS- Lawrence Jackson, DE USC/ The Jags Could use a pass rush from the D-line. And Jackson can give that to them. He would be a perfect fit for the Jags System.

CHARGERS- Dan Connor, LB Penn State/ The chargers need a inside LB and they have had luck in the first round with LBs. With their last 3 First Rd Lbs being; Shawne Merrimen, Junior Seasu, and billy ray smith Jr. So look for the chargerss to try to grab another great Lb.

COWBOYS- Jamal Charles, RB Texas/  He has a perfect style to compliment Marion The barbarion. They Cowboys want another Rb and will try to grab one here.

49ERS- Limas Sweed, WR Texas/ The 49ers need a good Wr to help progress Alex smith into a star Qb. They could also go a few different ways here but this seems like the most likely senario.

PACKERS- Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, CB TSU/ The packers need a CB to proceed Harris and Woodson. Cromartie is a great Cb and will be able to contribute early.

PATRIOTS-   CHEATERS hahahaha...

Giants- TYrell Johnson, S Arkansas/ he will fill a big need here and can immediatly sure up their secondary.

Well anything you all got to say just tell me, good picks, bad picks

Remeber their is sill one more to go,


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