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C:Hi I'm Cincy and welcome to another Interview segment,how are you Super Squirrel?(or SS for short)

SS:Totally pissed for no reason whatsoever....

C:(Takes an awkward look at SS and then starts questioning)what's going on with you my fuzzy friend?

SS:Nothing whatsoever...that's the problem....

C:Well then be glad you have me to entertain you!

Ok SS,how did you come to FN?

SS:One of my friends from school found this site, I have no idea how, and started a TD claiming that NCAA Football was better than the NFL...Of course, he thought he was right, and he was losing, so he went on Myspace to recruit people to vote for him, and the site just stuck with me...

C:Well it's a good thing he did cheat otherwise we wouldn't have you.

What is your favorite part of Fannation?

SS:Probably the chat groups that I'm in...specifically Atroo and the Night Owls....

C:Did you have a mentor?

SS:Not really a mentor, but some people helped me out along the way, specifically efbasketball and DetroitFan...who helped me improve my TDing and helped me meet some people on this site....

C:Like me!What no love?Like some of Atroo and the owls?

SS:ef was probably the closest thing to a mentor to me...and we all saw how THAT worked out....

C:Yeah not that great,who are your favorite teams?(in a couple sports,college and pro)

SS:Well...I am the consumate homer...I love the Twins, Vikings, Gophers, and WILD!!!!!!!

I hate the T'Wolves because they suck..

Other than those teams, I like the D'Backs, I like the Cardinals, and I like Purdue...

C:What do you think the biggest issue on fannation is?

SS:I really don't take stands on issues...and there really haven't been many recent ones either...

Probably the Group Mail driving down blog views....

C:What's the most annoying thing on FN?


C:Yeah you got me there,why has your theme for your name and picture always been a squirrel?

SS:First off, it hasn't...

I've had like 15 different names...

Twinsfan3108, Maroney=LastRealGoldenGopher, Justin Morneau Rules, etc.

I got on to the squirrel thing by coincidence. I heard a local radio guy calling Brad Childress "Secret Squirrel" so I thought that would be a great FN name, then when I was looking for a Secret Squirrel pic, I found the Super Squirrel picture, and it just stuck...

C:Well I guess this gig has worked out well,who are the best overall members of fannation?

SS:I think Oso is one of the best members of this site, but Mac, Coletrain, Irish, hemo, and DetroitFan are probably four of the best all-around members of this site. All of them are very good TDers, they're active, and they all blog like none other (Except DFan)\

C:What is your greatest accomplishment on FN?

SS:Probably not letting the Draftniks Mock Draft crash and burn....that was a pretty amazing accomplishment...

Plus, actually being able to write those blogs....

C:What do you see in your FN future?

SS:I see becoming less active in the future, or more active...hell, I could retire tomorrow...

I take my life on FanNation one day at a time, but I will most likely become less active over the next two months, due to AP exams and actually having to study for finals this year....

C:So what are your NBA playoff predictions?

SS:I honestly hate the NBA...I mean, all it is is overpaid basketball players taking their three steps and being selfish with the ball...College basketball is where it's at...

That being said, the Celtics are winning it all....

C:Who are your top 5 ,NFL and NBA,prospects?

3.Sedrick Ellis
4.Chris Long
5.Jake Long

1.Derrick Rose
2.Michael Beasley
3.I don't know...

C:Little short on nuts tonight?JK

SS:Nah..I just haven't switched my mind to the NBA draft just yet...

C:World series winner:


C:Why the Angels?

SS:They haven't fallen off the map like the Tigers have, they have a great rotation, ESPECIALLY Ervin...and they have an outstanding lineup...They are just an all-around good team...

C:And don't foget that Lackey and Escobar are yet to return from injury.

SS:Yeah, that'll just bolster the already decent rotation....

C:Correct me if I'm wrong,don't you like College and High school hockey?

SS:I'm from Minnesota...I was born and raised to love hockey. It is one of the most exciting sports in the world because there are so many scoring chances...

By the way...GO WILD!!!!!!!

C:Who would your vote go to in the upcoming election?

SS:Well first, I'm an avid member of the ABH movement (Anybody But Hillary), but if it came down to Obama vs. McCain, I'd probably vote for McCain.


C:I like all kinds,who's your favorite band and musical artist?

SS:My favorite band is fluid...right now it's 3 Doors Down, but out of everything, I like Alice in Chains...

C:What's your favorite song?

SS:Probably "One" by's a great song...

C: I like that song on GH3,do you have it?

SS:No, actually I don't have Guitar Hero Three, but I have One and Two, and have beaten the first one on expert...(I can't beat that damn Hangar 18...)

C:You big on video games?

SS:Not really...I do like sports games, though, especially NCAA Football 08...

C:Hope you had a good time,thanks for being a great interviewy and being quick with your responses.


Yep...thanks for being a great interviewer....

C:This is Cincy signing out from another interview segment.Goodbye,see you next time.


*To producers* Are we clear?

Oh...Thank God....That was a f8cking ma....

Why is that little red light on?

OH SIH.....*audio goes silent*


Funny,thanks for the ending SS.


*For fun the interview segments will advertise things from around FN,fm me if you want to advertise your self,someone else,or a group,etc.*


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