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WARNING: This is strictly for fun. There are hardly any facts to base any of this on besides my intuition amd increadible guessing skills. Don't get mad, just enjoy.

~This is done in the format of a magazine doing their season predictions for the 2010-2011 season~

Allow us to welcome you back for another exciting season of the NBA. Before we get into our season predictions, we'll remind you of the champions of past years:

2006: Heat over Mavericks- 6 Games

2007: Spurs over Cavs- 4 Games

2008: Celtics over Suns-6 Games

2009: Suns over Celtics- 7 Games

2010: Jazz over Toronto- 6 Games

 Now without further ado, here is our 2010-2011 Season Predictions:


Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

1-Charlotte Bobcats- Even though last years blockbuster deadline trade for Lebron James turned into a first round exit, we still feel they have the lineup that will bring them success. With Lebron, Kevin Love, and Emeka Okefor leading the charge to the basket and Raymond Felton and Jason Richardson playing the roles of perennial allstars-without-the-votes, we feel they have the narrow edge over their division rival Magic.

 2-Toronto Raptors- Last seasons Eastern conference champs pick up right were they left off, only this time with a little higher seeding. First time all-star Jamario Moon and last years 3rd place finisher for MVP, Chris Bosh, welcome back T-Mac for his 2nd go around with the Raptors. Although McGrady is past his prime like Carter, he still is the perfect complement to Toronto's incredible inside game.

 3-Orlando Magic- We figure Dwight Howard, along with his brand new record breaking contract, will get the 3 seed for the fourth consecutive season. Contrary to popular belief, the far-past-his-prime Vince Carter addition will not hurl them into the one seed. But this is the last chance for this team full of over-loaded contracts to have any kind of success before they begin their inevitable rebuilding stage. (Ex: The Phoenix Suns)

4-Indiana Pacers- It seems like the Warriors, this no longer includes Don Nelson since he's off tanning on some tropical beach somewhere (EN: This is a beach a never hope to find), are still kicking themselves for the Danny Granger/Baron Davis trade. That will teach them to bench a overpaid, overdramatic player. They ought to know by now that players hold grudges. Anyways Davis, our pick for MVP, along with the consistent 15 and 7 play of Chase Budinger and overrated yet undeniably talented Ben Gordon repeat in the division and try to win their first playoffs series in who knows how long.

5-Miami Heat- We feel that the third time might be the charm for the core of D. Wade, Derrick Rose, and Shawn Marion. (And he fans better hope because it won't be long before they trade the overpaid Marion.). Although the supporting cast around them is far less talented than Charlotte's and they still have no true center, we feel the reincarnated version of the "pre-championship Suns" will get the two seed based purely on their three all-stars. Know let's hope Riley doesn't attempt another comeback to steal the glory once again. 

6-Cleveland Cavilers- Oh how the mighty have fallen. Since getting the obvious bad end of the infamous King James trade, they still haven't found their consistent scorer. (The two "stars", Gerald Wallace and Adam Morrison, they received in the trade aren't cutting it.) They were so desperate they went after the hated Carlos Boozer, unsuccessfully of course. Even with the elevated play of last year's re-signee Delonte West, and the surprising deepness of their homegrown bench, these once great Cavs will sadly limp into the playoffs. Luckily they have the Bobcats' first rounders for the next 4 years to fall back on.

7-Atlanta Hawks- The newly found group of Hawks fans are hoping the injury-prone T.J. Ford can replace Mike Bibby. Were going to give him the benefit of the doubt, since were calling him our M.I.P., and saying the hawks manage on of the last playoff spots despite playing in the hardest division in all of basketball.

8-Boston Celtics- These Celtics looking eerily similar to the pre-mega trade Celtics that won the title back in 2008 with the retirement of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Although Boozer is a great addition, he's no Garnett. Sadly Paul Pierce's numbers have declined but they still have their double-double machine in Big Baby Davis. But due to lack of draft picks, the bench is once again full of misfit free agents which will lead to this teams downfall.

Barely Missed: New York Knicks, Milwaukee Bucks


Western Conference Playoff Predictions

1- Sacramento Kings- These make-shift "Celtics" will repeat as the one seed after holding on to their important free agents and nabbing a few more. After proving that he was worth every dime they spent on him two years ago, Kevin Martin along with Elton Brand and J.R. Smith will add another Pacific title to their belt. Proving that rotating their two Centers, Brad Miller and Spencer Hawes, is an effective way to win a weak division.

2- Oklahoma City Desperadoes- Just like the previous two season, these former Sonics will continue to rise up the ladder of success. Still the youngest team in the league with faces like Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Hasheem Thabeet, and Michael Beasley, we expect them to repeat in the Northwest but this go around it won't be as surprising. Their lack of maturity is the only thing holding them back from the one seed but don't be shocked if they do nab it.

3- Portland Trailblazers- Yes, yes this basically the same team that lost to the Jazz in the western conference finals last season. You call them boring, we call them effective. Roy, Oden and Aldridge will get the edge on the Jazz this time since Utah lost about their entire team to free agency after winning their first title, including Kirilenko to the Trailblazers.

4-Memphis Grizzles- You know them as Gilbert Arenas and Rudy Gay. But that's not the only thing that makes this team roll. We like to think it's their excellent point guard rotation, which just happens to be the best in the league. With no clear cut starter between Javaris Critterton, Kyle Lowry, and Mike Conley Jr., we think it wouldn't be a bad idea to trade one for a big man, since they don't have one you can even call "sometimes dominant".

5- New Orleans Hornets- Remember a few years ago when we were shocked when this team nabbed the two seed? Well there is nothing shocking about this team making the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year. Although they are on the decline, CP3, the constant MVP candidate, will barely miss the division title from the Grizzles.

6-Minnesota Timberwolves- We just can't figure out why this group of underachievers can't realize they might have the most talent in the league and get their act together and be successful. Jarryd Bayless and Al Jefferson will try to get their chemistry right with a mix of traded vets with expiring contracts and young inexperienced guys. They still have Ron Artest, Mike Miller and Randy Foye. Too bad you can't buy chemistry.

7- San Antonio Spurs- Guards Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are still searching for a suitable replacement for Tim Duncan. The front office hopes it did with the slightly smaller Josh Smith who took less money to come to a competitor since he still hasn't won a playoff series. If they can somehow get Tyler Hansbrough to have his breakout season, this is the 2nd season in a row they will be hoping for this result. If he does somehow, expect the Spurs to steal away the division from the Grizzles. If not expect them to be the same exhausted team come playoff time due to their bench full of senor citizens.

8- Phoenix Suns- Yes we have the Suns nabbing the final spot in the far less competitive west. Were thinking Amare is getting tired of finishing 2nd in MVP voting in back to back seasons so this will be the year he gets his team back to the playoffs since Shaq, Grant Hill, and Steve Nash walked off into the sunset holding hands. Since their 2008-2009 title and last years lottery pick they have found their point guard of the future. (Even though Barbosa gives you 20 a night he is a true SG.) They are hoping, and we are thinking, that Brandon Jennings, the phenom rookie out of UOA will do a great filling in the hall of fame point guard's shoes.

Barely Missed- Utah Jazz, LA Lakers


Our Awards

MVP: Baron Davis-G-Indiana Pacers

Most Improved Player: T.J. Ford-G-Atlanta Hawks

Defensive Player of the Year: Hasheem Tabeet-C-Seattle Supersonics

Rookie of the Year: Brandon Jennings-G-Phoenix Suns

Coach of the Year: Bobby Knight-Charlotte Bobcats


All NBA First Team

G: Baron Davis- Indiana Pacers

SG: Kevin Durant- Oklahoma City Desperadoes

SF: Lebron James- Charlotte Bobcats

PF: Chris Bosh- Toronto Raptors

C: Amare Stoudimire- Phoenix Suns

Top 5 Bound Lottery Teams:

1-Mavericks- We are truly surprised the Dirk hasn't requested a trade away from this pitiful team. It won't be long before Cuban moves them to Vegas.

2-Pistons- This is only natural for this once great team to go through their rebuilding phase. This will be the first season in years we've seen them at the bottom.

3-Wizards- They just haven't gotten their act together after Gilbert and Antawn Jamison left.

4-Clippers- What's new? This team will attempt to hit the gold mine one more time. Let's just hope this draft pick turns out better than the failed O.J. Mayo.

5-Rockets- Maybe superstars just really, really like the Texas area. It's the only reasoning we have for Dirk still being in Dallas and Yao in Houston.




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