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| just published a Photo Gallery titled "Top WR Draft Prospects" (If you haven't seen it yet, it should still be to your right...--->) which I have "professionally" found problems with....

#1 DeSean Jackson...That's all I really need to say, but I wanted an opportunity to rip on Jackson. DeSean is a 5'9" WR from Cal, who runs a 4.35 40. Yes, that looks very impressive, but the dude is a STICK. He weighs 169 pounds. It's crazy how underweight that is for a Wide Receiver. Look at other guys his size in the draft, and they have more respectable weights. (Dexter Jackson-182, Davone Bess-194, Eddie Royal-184, Darrell Blackman-205) The point with this is, he gets hit by a safety on a route over the middle, and he's done. Jackson's stock has risen because he is a "dual-threat" player, who can return kicks as well. If you ask me, that shouldn't warrant a first round pick, especially for a guy who went for 1,000 yards ONCE in a three year college career.

#2 Devin Thomas...We really don't have ANYTHING on Thomas. He transfered to MSU from a JUCO in 2005. In 2006, he only caught 6 passes, but then he exploded last season. He has impressed everyone at these workouts, especially due to his 4.4 40, but we haven't gotten to see what he can actually do on the field. It could just be a coincidence that Mark Dantonio comes in, impelements his new offense, and Thomas explodes, or it could be that Thomas is one of those receivers who was very good in college, due to the system, and then fails in the pros. Devin disappeared in several games as well, like Vernon Gholston. Northwestern-61 yards, 0 TDs, Pitt-53 yards, 0 TDs, Boston College (Champs Sports Bowl)-34 yards, 0 TDs. His huge games? Against Bowling Green, UAB, Indiana, Penn State, Purdue, and Wisconsin. His inconsistency last season kind of frightens me going into the draft....

#3 Limas Sweed...Sweed should be #1 or #2, depending on how much you like James Hardy, but Sweed has all of the intagibles for a successful NFL Wide Receiver, he's 6'4", he's not underweight, and he doesn't have terrible speed. Yes, his college stats aren't that hot, but think about who his QBs were...Vince Young and Colt McCoy...He did well when his QBs could actually get him the ball...(McCoy in 06...)

#4 James Hardy...Like Sweed, Hardy should be in one of the top two positions. He, as well, has amazing size (Almost 6'6"), he can jump, and he isn't slow. Hardy did disappear in some games, but it was less frequent that he caught under 60 yards and did not have a TD catch. He has great hands, and he can be a very good WR in the NFL.

#5 Kelly, #6 Manningham, #7 Doucet....All three of these guys are in the right spot, especially Doucet, whom we did not get a very good look at this season due to his injury....

#8 Eddie Royal....Yes, Royal had some QB issues at VT, but he never caught more than 33 balls, 497 yards, and 4 TDs, while playing 4 seasons for the Hokies. This, to me, sets off alarms all over the place. If he couldn't succeed in college, how will he succeed in the pros? Oh yeah, I forgot...he ran a 4.39 40. The kid is like DeSean Jackson. He's undersized, he can't block, and he doesn't stay healthy. I'm sorry, but he's not the 8th best wideout in this draft class... 

#9 Dexter Jackson....Ah....where to begin...first off, his stock jumped due to the Michigan game, where he got 1/4th of his TD total for the year and almost 1/6th of the yardage. He does have something like 4.29 speed, but again, SPEED THAT IS HAND-TIMED ON A STRAIGHT TRACK FROM A THREE-POINT STANCE MEANS NOTHING. Show me what you can do in double-coverage wearing all of your pads...He played in the spread against FCS schools. Raise any red flags for ya yet? Jackson does not deserve to be on this list.

#10 Jordy Nelson...If Nelson slips to the 4th round, it will be a considerable steal for whoever nabs him then. Nelson has good size and speed, without a strong burst, but he caught 122 passes last year at K-State. Who does that remind you of? If you answered Wes Welker, you'd be correct. Nelson is a slower Wes Welker who isn't the return man that Welker is, and if that tells you anything, Nelson should be a very good NFL receiver.

Guys who shouldn't be on here-Royal and Jackson

Guys who SHOULD be on here- 

Lavelle Hawkins...Hawkins is the only undersized guy that I like in this draft, because he shows no fear. He isn't gonna go Todd Pinkston on you if he goes over the middle. Hawkins is tough and quick, although his hands are marginal...Hawkins would be a more reliable pro than either Royal or Jackson.

Eh...It's iffy-

Marcus Monk-He had a good Junior year, but he isn't a great pass catcher, and is very unpolished.

Keenan Burton-Had a great Junior year and a good Senior campaign...I think Burton is one of the sleepers of this class...

Andre Caldwell-He's quick, but he, as well, isn't a great pass catcher...




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