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  Rhonnie's Mock Draft 3.0

*Warning, Warning, Warning....mock is subject to change at any moment.*  This year's draft will most probably be filled with several unpredictable twists and turns.  Miami will truly set the pace.  One thing I can assure you is that Miami isn't trading down...considering this year's draft class, no one wants to go first.   I predict that several teams will find themselves reshuffling in order to acquire that dream talent that they never thought would make it past pick five, ten, and so forth.  I admire my fellow bloggers who believe that they can adequately predict the trades and the team moves, up or down, that will be made on draft day...but I'm simply unable, or shall I say unwilling, to follow pursuit.  My legal training has made me one risk adverse cookie, I play it safe (I am not Al Davis, Jerry Jones type woman)...so don't expect too many surprises in this mock...but nonetheless enjoy!

  • 1. Miami - Vernon Gholston; I will NOT fall victim to the Jake Long rumors; I think Vernon Gholston is as good as they get, ahhh... to be both a Mike Vrabel mini-me and Shawn Merriman replica. Chris Long could arguably go here as well, but for now I'm betting on Gholston, his combine performance was insane, he is a physical phenomenon. Argument against Jake Long, Jake's being thrust into the more valuable left tackle position, but he def. plays better at the Right Tackle position...but who's paying 60+ million for a right tackle (for those of you who don't know, right tackles tend to be less valuable than your left tackles. Why? Because...most QB's are right handed, which means when they tend to throw with their left shoulders turned and slanted towards the line of scrimmage thus creating a blind spot on their left side (left tackles traditionally block the run rushers, less technical than their right tackle counterparts who tend to block the pass rush, a bit more agile and talented attack.)
  • 2. St. Louis - Jake Long; when Orlando Pace got injured last season, St. Louis went straight down the drain. Marc and Steve need adequate protection...I understand that St. Louis also has gapping wholes on their D line, but since Jake is still on the board he is simply too sweet an offer to refuse, his right tackle self!
  • 3. ATL - Glenn Dorsey; I hear that ATL loves this guy; if Miami doesn't scoop him with their selection I'm pretty confident that he will be a Falcon. Dorsey is arguably one of the most talented players in this year's draft class; I think his tibia injury was a bit overblown (similar to DRC's kidney issue.)
  • 4. Oakland - Chris Long; how fitting that Howie's boy winds up here. I know a lot of Mock's predict that Chris Long will be a first overall selection, but I'm not convinced (football has no room for politics.) Chris is a solid athlete who will certainly be a stellar athlete but I don't think he is leaps and bounds better than Gholston.
  • 5. Kansas - Ryan Clady; admittedly it will be hard for the Chief's to pass on Ryan, but I don't think it's time to classify their current QB corp. as a failure ...well maybe, but before they upgrade at QB the Chiefs need immediate assistance on the OL...what's the point of having a star QB with gapping wholes on your OL?
  • 6. New York Jets - Darren McFadden; just because he is available, not because he is there biggest need.
  • 7. Patriots - Leodis McKelvin; the Pat's don't traditionally invest too much in their CB's but when you got nothing, you gotta do something. With that being said, I'm going to pass on the Brandon Albert talks and the Keith Rivers talk, anything above ten is a bit high for these fellas. The problem with this pick, is deciding which of the talented four will go to the Pat's. Personally, I'm perplexed by all the bloggers who project DRC going 7th...it's just not happening. The Pat's need a DB who is going to make an immediate impact, DRC is a bit small and could use some extra time developing ...he needs some time in a top notch strength and conditioning program (did someone mention Arizona's program under John Lott? ) Leodis McKelvin is the better selection; he has the size and the skills to be an instant shut'em down corner.
  • 8. Baltimore - Matt Ryan; simply because someone has to take him, if he does in fact fall this far don't expect Bmore to let him slip away. I think there is a reason why McNair retired this past week....Bmore needs immediate depth within their QB ranks, the CB need is going to have to wait.
  • 9. Cincy - Sedrick Ellis; I haven't seen one blog that predicts otherwise, well no one other mock.
  • 10. New Orleans - Keith Rivers; this pick is partially because I'm biased towards DRC going to Arizona, but the Saints have made some serious upgrades on the defensive side of the ball, so this pick is going to be tough. However, at the end of the day I have to say that my beloved J. Vilma needs someone opposite him in defensive coordinator Gary Gibb's 4-3 scheme...Dan Morgan is a bit too injury prone to suffice. So, I ask, why not add Keith Rivers and leave DRC to AZ?
  • 11. Buffalo - Devin Thomas; this could go one of two different ways. Buffalo has gapping needs for both a WR and a CB. With this being said, whoever they draft must be able to immediately jump in and fulfill some serious holes. If Buffalo passes on a WR, what are they going to do...Tamp Bay, Philly, Tennessee, and Dallas might all be taking receivers...so waiting until the second round could be dangerous, especially considering that this WR class isn't the best and Lee Evans needs some support. Either way, Buffalo needs an immediate impact player, so DRC really isn't their guy (he's AZ's guy!)
  • 12. Denver -Chris Williams; Jay Cutler is on the cusp of NFL success...he just needs adequate protection, and protection that he is familiar with. There are rumors out there that Williams' stock is dropping...something about him not being ‘tough' enough. But, Chris William's is Vandy alum and we know Cutler is a devoted Vandy guy, after all he did participate in Vandy's pro day. Matt Lepsis' retirement is going to force Denver to focus on their O-Line and why not draft Chris Williams.
  • 13.   Carolina - Brandon Albert; his draft value is steadily increasing and many mocks have Albert going as high as 5 to Kansas, while the guy is truly out performing himself now, I'm not ready to sing his praises and shoot him up too far.  Albert is an OG and has seen LIMITED action at the OT position...he isn't worth a top ten investment.  In my previous mock, Albert didn't even make the first round so for now, this is as high as he goes.  Admittedly I wouldn't be shocked to see Albert headed to Denver and Williams' in Carolina.
  • 14. Chicago -Rashard Mendenhall; Cedric Benson is a bust...call it what it is and keep it trucking
  • 15. Detroit - Jonathan Stewart; this is going to be an interesting pick. Detroit has serious concerns on their OL and within their LB core. With that being said, Jared Mayo is also a real possibility with this selection, but at the end of the day I believe Millen isn't passing on the skills of Stewart (what are his other options, rely on Brian Calhoun or wait and see who falls to the second round.) One toe injury can't negate Stewart's talent, he is a proven competitor and he will be ready to go by the state of the season. With that being said, Detroit cannot afford to let the skill of Stewart pass them by, with the release of Kevin Jones a replacement is an immediate need.
  • 16. Arizona - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie; I could go on for days about this appropriateness of this selection, DRC has the potential to be a fantastic corner with a 37inch vertical and a 4.3 40. However, he is lacking in size and has completely been shorted in terms of strength conditioning over the years....that's why spending some time in Arizona's work-out program truly would be the best thing for DRC and my team (John Lott would make DRC a beast.) Rolle is now a safety, Holt is gone and Green and Hood are not the solution (one of these two guys is going to need some friendly competition to spark their game, and allow them to be the clear pair to DRC.) AZ needs depth in the secondary, no questions asked, so def. look for AZ to choose a CB especially since Mendenhall will be off the board.
  • 17. Minnesota - Derrick Harvey; this selection is all contingent on the Jared Allen trade, if that falls apart then Harvey is a shoe in for this pick, but if the trade goes through, expect Minnesota to acquire a WR, that would bring DeSean Jackson of the board.
  • 18. Houston - Mike Jenkins; Houston could use a top notched RB however at this point they are all gone, so the next best option is the CB position. A boost to the secondary is just want the Dr. ordered for this up and coming franchise.
  • 19. Philidelphia - DeSean Jackson; McNabb needs additional targets, and I don't suspect that he will be pleased unless the Eagles commit to taking a WR early in the draft. If Minn. is able to get the Jared Allen trade complete by draft day expect Limas Sweed to come off the boards with Philly's pick.
  • 20. Tampa Bay - Aqib Talib; a WR is a tempting option with this selection, however the CB talent is running thin and there aren't that many stellar CB's left after the first round. Since Aqib is still on the boards he is too hard a target to bypass.
  • 21. Washington- Phillip Merling; once again, provided Derrick Harvey isn't still on the boards. This is an extremely questionable selection. The Skin's are just as likely to go with WR with this selection...so Malcolm Kelly or Limas Sweed could wide up in Washington next season.
  • 22. Dallas - Brandon Flowers; this is another interesting pick. Dallas could go one of three ways; (1) trade up and select Mendenhall, (2) stay put and take a WR, or (3) also stay put and take a CB. Option stinks because Dallas already has Marion Barber, you don't need Stewart or Mendenhall; Dallas only needs someone with wheels to compliment Barber. Option two is alluring and is a serious consideration; however I think the more pressing concern is option three. The Boys need to improve their secondary, admittedly the selection pool isn't that great at this point but that doesn't negate the need. If Dallas doesn't take a DB now, then when? So the question is who...Antoine Cason or Brandon Flowers? Personally, I'm a Cason fan but I haven't heard much about him playing in Dallas...I've heard a bit of chatter about Flowers so he is getting my nod. Flowers is stylistically one of the best, if not the best corners in the draft, the boy just cannot run.
  • 23. Pittsburgh - Jeff Otah; I myself am a bit surprised to see Otah still on the boards with this selection, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, and with the 23rd selection Pittsburgh would have a steal on their hands.
  • 24. Tennessee - Limas Sweed; I originally had Tenn. taking a WR as a much needed extra target for Vince Young who struggled with his pass game but with the departure of several key defensive players I then decided to reconsider my initial selection and place Jared Mayo here. But after much reflection I would still love to see Limas Sweed go to Tenn. (another long horn and another target). Tenn. has avoided upgrading their pass game for some time...it's time to stop running and address the need.
  • 25. Seattle - Dustin Keller; crazy combine performance, but this is my most uncomfortable selection. Seattle could use a good DT here as well.
  • 26. Jacksonville - Kentwan Balmer; he's a Tar Heel...enough said. Balmer was my former bridge student (mentee) so all J-Ville fans can thank me later for shaping this young man into a future NFL star.
  • 27. San Diego - Gosder Cherilus; San Diego has had several good draft years and they don't have a they...the loss of Michael Turner will undoubtedly produce concerns at the RB position in terms of adding depth...however the first round isn't the place to address this worry. There is talk of San Diego adding another CB to their already decent secondary, so I don't think this is their immediate concern.
  • 28. Dallas - Chris Johnson; I stick by this, Johnson has burners and would be a wonderful compliment to Marion Barber
  • 29. San Francisco - Jared Mayo; with the acquisition of Bryant Johnson through free agency, Mike Nolan can rest on his desires to get a big bodied WR...so the next best option at this pick is a LB. Mayo paired with Patrick Willis will create a fierce young tandem that will be next to unstoppable.
  • 30. Green Bay - Antoine Cason; depth at several positions I needed, Aaron Rodgers is already being doubted so bringing in a first round back-up would only be another esteem breaker. Admittedly, I wouldn't be too shocked to see Sam Baker go here as added protection for Rodgers. But overall, I think Green Bay can acquire the needed depth at the QB position in subsequent rounds and add much needed depth at the CB position...the CB talent pool is considerably reduced at this point.
  • 31. New York Giants - Kenny Phillips; honestly, because everyone else said so. I kid I kid, the Giant's need a replacement for the departed Gibril Wilson...so why not.


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