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So I havent written a blog in about a month so I figured I would get one out of the way, by just writing some ramblings of my opinions, insight, and advice. Here we go...

 Pet Peeves:

I hate and I mean hate people who type loud in meetings! What exactly is so important that it cant wait an hour til you leave my meeting? So I imposed a no laptop rule at all me meetings so far it has worked, but honestly I am just craving the day someone tries it so I can kick their as.s out of my meeting! LOL

On a more familiar front, here are some things that irk me about some people on fannation,

The way too serious fan guy, yes you who truely believe this game and your fanhood is the abosolute reason why the world revolves. Yes I love football maybe more than most, but ask yourself at the end of the day am I going to wake up tomorrow, IF they lose? and to quote a Bronx Tale "Does Mickey Mantle really give a **** about you?", see where I'm going with that one.

I also dont like the fact some people think you cant have an intelligent conversation with someone from your rivals school or conference.. Why do you think this way? I talk with all kinds of people from Michigan, Penn St., and Wisconsin, believe it or not they have nice things to say and seem to have their head on straight, you can hate your rival, but leave it at that.

Last one, and let me explain this as clear as I can, you are not a tough guy on the internet, so stop trying to be one. Sarcasm, whit, cynicism are all funny, but noone likes an as.shole....

Ohio State:

Good riddance Kosta Doofus, you under acheived all year and I honestly the Buckeyes will be better without you. 7 feet tall and you can't play with your back to the basket??? That may be acceptable in Europe but ya play in the Big Ten son....

Good Luck Vernon Gholston! Go show the league you can play that hybrid end spot in a 3/4.

I think the football team looks good, a little iffy in some back up spots but overall I think they had a good spring. Keep working hard and I cant wait for August. BTW anyone see Etienne Sabo play, that kid gets it done!

Same goes for Boom Herron, alot of good looks for the young guys at OSU.

Can they get back for lucky number 3? I think so, but it may not happen, court of public opinion isnt high on the Bucks, but if you run the table and dont give anyone a chance to hate, then your future is in your hands.

Chad Johnson:

You're a D.o.u.c.h.e.b.a.g! Your act is old and you're really not that great.

and finally I have to give my props to all my freinds on here ala HOV:

RUGator quite possibly one of the most entertaining writers I have read, that includes books magazines, articles,etc. if you havent checked out his work get there. Here is a link to one of my personal favorites..

HOV, your 40/40 club is always the spot, you know you've hit primetime if he reps you!

The Warden, UM loyal but always makes me laugh, for the record I have never pooped in a styrofoam container in the Woody Hayes lot!

My Big Ten group Brethern, Anthony E., Badger, Prove it, you guys kick and love the Big Ten which you can never knock, I hope OSU beats your as.s this year though.

BSswchartz, stay strong bro!

...ESCO as always....

With that Im out!



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