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iB4e is gonna miss the NFL

Just to keep it simple for my simple mind, I am not figuring in trades. However, I will say if I think a team is going to trade it. I am not going to put tons of work into like our good friend IrishR#1 did with his ultimate mock draft. Nice work with that BTW. Dude that was a lot of work.

  1. Dolphins - As much as they may want to trade this pick, I think they are stuck with it. There has not been much fuss from teams desperate for THAT player. I said this in one of my early mock drafts and I still believe. Vernon Gholston is a much better fit in a Parcells defense.
  2. Rams - Where doesn't this team need help? Let's make it easy for them and give them Jake Long.
  3. Falcons - I firmly believe that they will draft a QB. The only problem with that is no of them are worthy of a top 3 pick. I see them trading down and drafting Chad Henne, but for the sake of simplification I will put Matt Ryan here.
  4. Raiders - Another team with needs all over the board. Even though they have a decent running back in Vargas, Darren McFadden will be too tempting to pass up.
  5. Chiefs - O-line is the obvious place they need help. So allow me to go way out on the limb here and give them Branden Albert.
  6. Jets - These next two picks will be a lot of fun to keep track of as the Jets and Pats try to one-up each other. Don't be surprised to see them be trade partners with Atlanta to scoop up McFadden, but since I'm not playing the trade game here I'll give them Chris Long.
  7. Pats - Who are they willing to trade with? Anyone who will get them above the Jets. I do expect them to trade this pick, but they will surprise people and trade down. In the meantime let me give them my draft surprise of Rashard Mendenhall.
  8. Ravens - They are now desperate for a QB. They would dance a jig if Ryan falls to them. But in the meantime let's give them Chad Henne.
  9. Bengals - Other than a bail bondsman, what do the Cats need besides counseling? Defense. So let's have them one-up the Saints and take Aqib Talib.
  10. Saints - Well, this should be a no-brainer. The Aints desperately need help in the secondary. Since they just lost their first choice, let's be nice and give them a good follow-up in Leodis McKelvin.
  11. Bills - And here are the Bills, just sitting tight and enjoying the spectacle going on at the top. Nobody has really been saying much about how they really, really need a go to receiver. Even though 11 is a good trade spot for other teams, I will have them sit tight and take Limas Sweed.
  12. Broncos - Where to begin with these guys? Any suggestions BS Chwartz? I think O-line is a need and Shanahan will to when he picks Ryan Clady.
  13. Panthers - I think the Kittens' number one need is running back. And since there is a half decent running back left by the name of Felix Jones, let's give him to Carolina. I know most people will tell me O-line, but since when have I ever listened?
  14. Bears - The smart move would be to draft someone who can show Benson what a RB is supposed to do. But I am hoping that Lovie comes to his senses and drafts O-line. Going with those hopes, which will probably be crushed in typical Lovie fashion, I'll give them Jeff Otah.
  15. Lions - Isn't this an obvious pick? Duh, receiver. Ok, not even Millen is that stupid, is he? I'll pretend that he isn't and I will say Glenn Dorsey. I know everyone else is saying top 5, but I don't care what everyone else is saying.
  16. Cards - I've seen a lot of mock drafts giving them a RB, but I think they have a bigger need in the secondary. So they will pick Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Whew, say that 10 times fast.
  17. Vikings - Oh yeah, this underachieving bunch. Receiver? Tight End? Defense? O-line? QB? All of the above? Let me go out on a limb and give them a tight end and say Fred Davis.
  18. Texans - Another team of underachievers. They started out super, but crashed in the middle of the season, but they did finish pretty strong. So what will get them over 500 besides moving to a different division? How about an area they continue to lack in - O-line. And that pick will be Chris Williams.
  19. Eagles - Ok Oso, what do they need? Let's keep it simple and give them Desean Jackson.
  20. Bucs - You know it's tough to nail down exactly what these guys need. They are more than one player, or one position away from getting over the hump. Since they can't draft a new coach, how about drafting a receiver by the name of James Hardy.
  21. Skins - What do the Skins really need? How about a DE who can get to the opposing QB? What to you think Dan? Ok, I'll give them Calais Campbell.
  22. Cowboys - They will most likely trade this pick, to get a receiver from another team. But if for some reason they don't they will try to fix their secondary by taking Antoine Cason.
  23. Steelers - I don't even need to ask Cassidy what the Men of Steel need because she will tell me I'm wrong anyway. So going with that logic I think they will take Gosder Cherilus as they try rebuilding their O-line. Don't be surprised to see them trade up to go after Clady or Albert.
  24. Titans - Going out on a limb here and giving them Keith Rivers.
  25. Seahawks - Well, they solved their RB problems in the off season, so that leaves defensive line. So, pretty much the only one left worthy of 1st round status is Sedrick Ellis.
  26. Jags - What do the Jags need to finally get them over the hump? They have a good combo at RB. They appear to be Ok at QB. So now they really need a good pass rushing DE. I think Del Rio will be elated to have Derek Harvey fall into their laps.
  27. Chargers - Can they draft a muzzle for Rivers? No? The trouble with this pick is trying to figure out NorvTurner. As soon as someone does, let me know. They need a good RB to back up LDT, but is this too high for a backup? Pretty much any pick is a reach this late in the first round if you have a genuine need. So the safest pick would seem to be corner and I will safely give them Brandon Flowers.
  28. Cowboys - Everybody wants to give them a RB here. But really, they can probably find one in the second round who will nicely compliment Barber. Since I had the addressing their secondary needs at 22, assuming they did that, then they could trade this pick for a receiver. But since I'm not playing that game I'll give them a receiver here, although it is a stretch for him, by the name of Devin Thomas.
  29. 49ers - Lucky dogs wind up with a first round pick after all, albeit not as good as their original spot. So let's give them a decent receiver that will help them out and call it Malcolm Kelly.
  30. Packers - Can they draft Favre again? No? Well then how about getting someone who can help keep Rodgers upright? I'll give them Sam Baker.
  31. Pats - The Pats choose...oh yeah. My bad.
  32. Giants - Who would thunk it that the G-Men would earn the last spot in the draft. Let's reward them by giving them the best receiver left who could be worthy of first round status - Mario Manningham. Why not? He does have "Manning" in his name.


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