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With the recent victory of Danica Patrick, I was kind of left wondering how it affects the circle of order in the male oriented cosmos. In the past there have been women in charge on TV series that have come and gone. Many of these women left a good impression and some didn't. So let examine those times that women were in charge.

1. Captain Janeway - She took over the Star Trek series from 1995-2001. Thank you Google, because I couldn't remember how long Voyager was on the air. Watching the chick who stole Billy Crystal's book from Throw Mama From the Train, in charge of this forgettable crew made Jean Luc Picard look like Rambo. Although he made it up as Charles Xavier in the X-men movies. However, thank God for the hot chick that played the Borg castaway otherwise I can't remember any of those other guys.

2. Sigourney Weaver - The star of the Alien's trilogy, she was sort of left in charge because mostly everyone onboard the ship was either made Alien spawn or decapitated, mostly. However she did come through in the clutch when it was time to get rid of the bad guy. She was feminine without being too girly in her battle and made a good heroine. So big ups to Sigourney.

3. Sydney Bristow - Who? You may ask. She was played by Jennifer Garner in the forgettable series, "Alias". You know your show was bad when your time slot changed more than your character. Although Jen could take a punch, she was not much of a CIA agent because of her outside activities away from the show. However just as Sydney Bristow, this show ultimately de-briefed and terminated never to be heard from again.

4. Dana Scully - Well she was basically in charged of breaking Mulder's balls about not believing in aliens or the X-files. It took her three seasons before she finally began to accept the fact that Mulder knew what he was talking about. More than eye-candy, Scully did possess enough brains and toughness to hold up her side of the team. Although there were the typical times when she did the usual prat fall whenever they needed to run fast and the oblivious mistake of when not to open that door.

5. Xena - Who could write a blog about women in charge without leaving the warrior princess? For many an episode Lucy Lawless character made many a man questioned her lifestyle, not that there's anything wrong with that. Xena could kick ass with the best of them. Her only demise was that Xena real time aka Lucy wanted to eventually raise a family, thus falling to her deep hidden feminine side and putting away her furry boots and knives.

So without including the political leaders because this is a sports blog, these examples are a small dent in the many women icons over the years. Some of you might want to add a few more. So here's to those women and may you never cease to say I can do this better than you. I could go on but my own female leader tells me I have to take out the trash and cut the lawn.


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