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Foosball helped me pick the topic. In today's JustAnotherRant, I'm going to lash out on the draft. This is a shorter one, but these blogs will usually be longer.


Like Foos told me, the last few NFL Drafts have been getting tons of hype. Where will Brady Quinn go? Who will bust? Who will be a steal? Will the Texans get Reggie Bush?

The Draft

This year, though, we haven't been getting anywhere near that kind of hype. I haven't even seen a commercial advertising the Draft, which happens to be this weekend. Isn't this year's draft that important? There's tons of stuff to answer on Draft Day. Who will trade up? Will Green Bay try and get a quarterback, or do they trust Aaron Rodgers (I trust Aaron). Who will Miami take? Will Miami's pick help them (that's a rhetorical question; they could win more games with Ryan Leaf)?

Ryan Leaf

But still, it seems like we're brushing this to the side. Nobody cares what Long will go before the other, if Matt Ryan will sink like the Titanic (or Brady Quinn. What one sunk deeper?).

Brady Quinn

I'm not a big Draft Day fan, but this used to seem like a holiday to football fans, especially last year. I don't get why people will watch for hours, and hours, and hours people analyzing who will go where even though it doesn't matter because everyone is wrong saying Bush will go 1st and Quinn will go Top 10. And then watch hours and hours of people walking up the stage, getting a hat, jersey, handshake, and an interview. Seriously, you could do something in that time, go home, and look on the Internet and in about 5 minutes find out everything you missed.

NFL Draft Cartoon.

It isn't even like a sporting event. Games keep you in your seat (most of the time). When I try to watch the draft, I end up wanting to go outside, get on FN (maybe there'll be a Draft Live Blog), turning the channel, or fall alseep.


But when there was all of that hype for the Draft last year, who's going to point that out in the advertisements? They'll give you those things to watch for. But so far this year, I haven't heard on TV one thing that is hyping the Draft.

Is it the players? Maybe. Casual NFL fans might have heard of the Top 10 guys, some of the rest of the 1st round picks, and an occasional other-round pick if the player played on their team.

The guys entering the Draft don't seem to get the exposure. If you ask some football fans if they never heard of some of the people in your Mock Draft, they'd be like "Yeah, who the heck is that guy? Is he even good?".

We don't promote the players enough, and in turn we aren't promoting the Draft enough. It just seems like it's just another thing. Like it's just there. So the NFL shouldn't have to wonder what's going on if Draft Day loses it's viewers at home.



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