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Welcome back for the second installment of "Love it or Hate it".

Same as the first installment..we debate whether we love or hate a subject.

The subjects can be related to sports or any other crap that pops into our twisted craniums.

So sit back and have a few laughs with us..we hope you enjoy.

The team this week consists of Harry Callahan, i B4 e, It's All Mine! and Curly Lambeau.


Harry: Okay then..i guess i will tee it off first.


The first subject is wombats.


Harry: Love them.

I guess i never really gave the'..marsupial ?..mammal ?..whatever it is..much thought.

Lilwound is a big fan of the furry rodent like..walking manatee.

So if they are cool with him they are cool with me.


i B 4 e: Love them.

I once loved a wombat. The haunting memories of lost love. Our eyes met across the crowded hat store. I, a customer, and she a coquettish wombat. Oh, I pursued and she withdrew, then she pursued and I withdrew, and so we danced. I burned for her, much like the burning during urination that I would experience soon afterwards.


It's All Mine!: Love them.

Any animal with a built-in pocket is not only okay in my book, but I'm a bit jealous that I don't have a pocket too. Why can't I have a pocket?


Curly: Love them.

 "I'll say "love 'em" as long as there are no follow up questions whatsoever."


Harry: Four loves..right off the bat.

I need something to hate.


The next topic is Anchovies on pizza.



Harry: Go ahead and take the first crack at this one i B4 e.


i B4 e: Hate them.

Who the heck wants a fish pizza? Use anchovies for bait if you want, but leave 'em off my pizza.


Harry: Hate them.

I have never even tasted them..but i hate sardines so i know i hate anchovies..who's idiotic idea was it to spoil a perfectly good pie?..what's the point ? 


Curly: Hate them.

Anchovies on Pizza ? deep, deep hate.


It's All Mine!: Hate them.

My rule is, No Green Things On My Pizza! Except maybe avocado. Maybe.


The third subject is Brian Bosworth.


Harry: are up my friend.


Curly: Love him.

Talk about a guy who manipulated the system to get the maximum return on the least talent... Plus, he taught the league a valuable lesson: don't buy into hype.

That lesson will never be forgotten by any GM who watched Bo Jackson go through "The Boz" like a hot knife through butter to score a crucial touchdown on Monday Night Football.

To sum up: Brian Bosworth has several million dollars today that he wouldn't have had if he had not expertly leveraged other's stupidity into big bucks. That, my friends, is the American Way!


Harry : Love him.

Hey who could forget his other an actor.He was terrific in the heart breaking tear-jerker "Stone Cold".

He also showed up in what i thought was an oscar worthy performance as guard Garner in Sandler's "The Longest Yard" remake.I think he only grunted a few times but it was a moving performance.


It's All Mine!:Hate him.

I am, and have always been, a Seahawks fan. My spirit soared like the hawk when we drafted him back in 1872 for what I believe was the biggest money contract for a defensive player at the time. And he delivered. He delivered touchdowns to our opponents. Please, can we talk about something else?


i B4 e:Hate him.

No self respecting Longhorns fan would dare love a player from that pitiful little school up I-35. What's it called again? Um, Podunk Technical College? No. Oh I think, um, was it OU?


And finally the fourth and final subject is watching the NFL draft.



Harry:Take the lead here i B4 e.


i B4 e:Love it.


Well, really only the first two rounds. After the 3rd round, unless you are named Brady or Barber III, you are a longt shot to even make the team. The part I really love is watching the guys who got all the hype and were supposed to be a top 10 pick just sitting their with their forced smiles as they continue to drop down the draft. Much further than where the media and their agents hyped them up to be. But off camera you know they are trying to figure out how to fire their agent and sign with the current "big gun".


Harry: Hate it.

I think the process is painstakingly long..although this year you only have 10 minutes on the clock instead of 15..that should speed things up.. but i doubt it.

I usually check in throughout the day on the C-Span like scrolling on the bottom of the screen to see who we snagged.I can't devote a whole weekend to it..summerize me that's all i ask.

I could care less who the Lions get with the 26th pick in the 3rd round.

I usually get to about 2 teams away from who my team picked in the previous round and they go to a commercial..only to bring me back to an even longer wait to see it again.


It's All Mine: Love it.

Big bruisers being offered millions (American) to go to one city or another to bolster a pro football team.

The anticipation, the raw horror, the unbridaled avarice! The part I like the most about it is that I can slowly catch up with who the Seahawks picked up during the summer months.

I said "slowly" catch up. I hope the "Hawks pick up a running back, because I don't think we have enough.


Harry: Well you get the honor of wrapping it up Curly..while i look up avarice on


Curly:Hate it.

I like football, not procedural meetings. And, despite how they've gussied it all up, that's still what the draft is when you get down to it.


Well that's it for the second installment...we hope you liked it..if not..who gives a crap.

Come back next week for chapter 3.


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