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 Alright folks, these are my predictions for the top 10 Leaders In Reception yardage for the upcoming 2007-2008 season. A couple factors come in to play when deciding who goes where, such as QB status, last years stats, schedule onfield relationship with their respective QB and who plays opposite them. So Here it is

 1)Torry Holt                                    

 2)Terrel Owens

 3)Chad Johnson

 4)Marques Colston

 5)Larry Fitzgerald

 6)Reggie Wayne

 7)Roy Williams

 8)Steve Smith

 9)Marvin Harrison

 10)Santana Moss

 Now, I left Moss of this chart for a reason and that is I want to see where he ends up on the NE depth chart and how his relationship with Brady is. If he is their #1 guy and him and Tom get along, then he cracks this list. As for Marvin Being so low, I think this is the year where Manning starts looking more to wayne then Harrison because lets face it, even though He is still one of the best in the Biz, he has lost some of his abilities and reggie has really progressed. I like Fitzgerald because the cards still wont be able to run the ball this year and him and Leinart seemed to click towards the end of the season last year so I expect lots of balls to come his way. Torry Holts my #1 because of he has good chemistry with Bulger,  is a BIG time playmaker in that offence and dosent have to face alot of tough defences like the other recievers on the list. TO is still the most physically intimidating WR's in the game and with a young QB in Romo who looked his way alot last year and obviously Dallas wanting to try and keep him Happy so they will let Owens make some plays. Although Steve Smith is the most Explosive playmaker in the NFL he dosent have a legit 2 guy and defences are going to have a safety shadowing him at all times, so his chances to make huge plays will be minimized. Roy williams had a fine season last year but with the addition of Calvin Johnson the emergence of Mike Furry and with tatum bell joining the team i dont expect williams to get as many looks as last year. Colston is a big guy with some good moves and soft hands. He and Brees really clicked last year and although Devery Henderson was good last season, he is more of a speed guy and we all know Brees dosent have a cannon and will look for Marques on those mid range patterns. Finally, Santana Moss. I Dont like mark brunell very much and I think he will be gone by week 10 at the latest, being replaced by Jason Campbell (although he could win the starting job) so that affects his performance. Also there will be plenty of competition for balls with Brandon Lloyd and Antwaan Randle El also on the depth chart. So those are my Rankings, Please let me Know what you think about them or tell me what YOU think they should be.


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