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Someone decided I was worthy of blogging privileges. I probably wasn't. But when have I ever backed down from a challenge (excluding my entire life)?

Apparently, looking at the recent Locker Talk, people don't like power metal. So, I'll do my best to steer clear of that genre. But don't be surprised if this is a bad edition. Actually, expect it to be a bad edition, and anything better than that will be a pleasant surprise.

1. ...

... (thinking) Not power metal, not power metal, they don't want power metal, anything but power metal, come on, chrono, THINK! What current bands do you listen to that AREN'T power metal? Wolfmother? No, everyone has heard all their music... The White Stripes? No, too mainstream... Come on... There has to be something... Anything...


I apologize to the group, but I don't have any non-powerful metal songs that you would want to listen to. But I guess it doesn't all fall under the power metal genre, but also viking metal, and folk metal, and others.

I hereby declare this Sound of Karma to be


I apologize to those who are anti-foreign metal. You may leave if you so wish.

1. "Colliding Worlds" - Black Majesty


Black Majesty - The Sands of Time

I recently discovered this Australian band on They're described as progressive power metal. They're nothing that will blow your mind, but this track from their first album is a favorite of mine.

2. "Moonchariot" - Elvenking


Elvenking - Wyrd

I gave a link to this song in DPS a while back. I think Cardsox was the only one who commented. Well, now I'm going to force you all to read about/listen to this song. I haven't explored the Italian band much, but I definitely like this track. Also, check out the star-studded lineup: Damnagoras, Aydan, Gorlan, Elyghen, and Zender.

3. "Into the Storm" - Blind Guardian


Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth

This song is downright epic. It comes from a legendary power metal band, Germany's Blind Guardian. If you're new to Blind Guardian, the singer's voice may take some getting used to. I love this track because it's from the concept album Nightfall in Middle-Earth. It is not based on J. R. R. Tolkien's most famous work, The Lord of the Rings, but from a lesser known work about Middle-Earth, The Silmarillion

4. "Chalice of Agony" - Avantasia


Avantasia - The Metal Opera Part II

Avantasia is the brainchild of Tobias Sammet, one of the most accomplished artists in the world of metal. This track is off their second album, The Metal Opera Part II. Each Avantasia album features new musicians from around the world contributing to the project. Though the band has been recently criticized for "selling out," this track is great.

5. "Ad Victorium" - Ensiferum


Ensiferum - Victory Songs

If you're the exact opposite of a metal fan, you probably haven't enjoyed the previous four tracks. Well, here's the beauty of foreign metal; it isn't always metal. Many albums begin with a symphonic prelude, which is often calm but builds to the introduction of the second track. The Finnish band Ensiferum's songs normally involve screaming, but this track (which I assume means "To Victory") shows a calmer side, as well as the majestic nature of metal. If you get bored, skip to about 2:25. That's when things get good.



Again, I'm sorry that most of you will dislike this edition. But SOKs normally show me stuff I've never heard of, so I guess I'm returning the favor. And the pictures were cool, weren't they?


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