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This week's blog about thrash metal is going to take a different turn. Maybe once a month, I will take 2 classic thrash metal albums, put them up against each other in a song for song matchup, give my views on each, and then let the madness come out in the posts. So it is up to the loyal readers of DPS, and especially this blog of thrash metal to really weigh in with your opinions.

So, without out further ado, this month's match up is:

Metallica - Ride the Lighting vs. Megadeth - Rust in Peace.

Ride the Lightning cover  Rust in Peace cover

These are both classics for each band, and while not the best albums by each, they still rip pretty hard. Rust in Peace has 9 songs, while Ride the Lightning only has 8, so I won't be including the song 'Dawn Patrol' from Rust in Peace.

The Matchups:

1. Fight Fire with Fire vs. Holy Wars.....The Punishment Due

This one is really hard to decide, Fight Fire with Fire starts off with an acoustic intro and then gets incredibly fast with lyrics dealing with nuclear holocaust, while Holy Wars starts off fast, breaks down, and then picks back up again in a two part song about Middle east conflict and the comic book The Punisher. While both songs are close, this one goes to Megadeth.

2. Ride the Lightning vs. Hangar 18

Again, this one is really hard to decide, but considered that Dave Mustaine is credited with writing Ride the Lightning, its hard to argue against a Megadeth classic like Hangar 18. Megadeth take this one as well.

3. For Whom the Bell Tolls vs. Take No Prisoners

There are no prisoners taken on this one, as Metallica wins easier than I thought. While the song still rips pretty heavy, 'Take No Prisoners' cannot overcome a Metallica classic like this.

4. Fade to Black vs. Five Magics

Megadeth has no magic on this one, Fade to Black is a Metallica staple and one of their best songs.

5. Trapped Under Ice vs. Poison Was The Cure

I am going with Metallica on this one, but I am pretty biased with this song choice. Trapped Under Ice is one of the most underrated Metallica songs, and it is my favorite Metallica song.

6. Escape vs. Lucretia

Lucretia gets the vote here, as Metallica's filler song on this album, Escape, has never been played in concert, and Lucretia is a very underrated Megadeth song.

7. Creeping Death vs. Tornado of Souls

While Tornado of Souls is a great, great Megadeth song, it just cannot compare with Creeping Death. From the song intro, to the lyrical content, and then the famous DIE, DIE, DIE breakdown, Creeping Death is a big part of why Metallica defines what Thrash Metal is.

8. The Call of Ktulu vs. Rust in Peace....Polaris

Again, another Metallica song with a Mustaine credit. The Call of Ktulu features Cliff Burton in one of the finer showcasings of his talent, but the instrumental cannot close out against the fury of Rust In Peace...Polaris.

By my count, The Final Result of this Matchup is a 4-4 Draw.

I hope everyone enjoys this, I had fun writing it, and I can't wait to read the arguments on this one.


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