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There's been a few interesting developments in recent days in the sport of MMA, and if you use your imagination, just maybe all of them are connected. So let's see if we can make them all come together with six unique little stories...


6 Something along the lines of Six degrees of separation, where we are all connected to everyone else in only six degrees (or steps). Or is it six degrees of Kevin Bacon, or in the MMA world how about six degrees of whoever to whoever where we try to connect to fighters to each other based on who they fought in six degrees or less, let's say...Matt Hughes to Rich they connect?


6 The number of millions of dollars (6) it took to rebuild Steve Austin, played by Lee Majors in the 70's hit television show The Six Million Dollar Man...


7 UFC 85 on June (7) had to do its own rebuilding job when both headliners, first Mauricio Rua, then Chuck Liddell were forced out of the main event due to injuries. Fans were distraught with the announcement of James Irvin vs. Rashad Evans thinking this would be the replacement, but it was quickly made clear that other bouts would trump the Irvin/Evans match up. Including an exciting slugfest between strikers Michael Bisping and Chris Leben and a main event of Matt Hughes (who currently has six losses against 42 wins) and Thiago Alves.Maybe not six million dollars worth, but still a heck of a rebuilding job!


6 Speaking of (6) million dollars, Adam Swift at stated that his sources have informed him that the total bankroll for the T-shirts salesmen turned promotors Affliction's  inaugural event on July 17 in Dallas could come in between five and six million dollars!


800 The Wrestling Observer reported that Tim Sylvia stood to be paid something in the neighborhood of ($800,000) for his fight on the July 17 card against "The Russian Experiment" (wonder if he was rebuilt, he fights like it) Fedor Emelianenko. Fedor surely stands to make even more for the fight and no matter who wins, afterward the two men will have combined for a total of six losses. Currently Emelianenko is 27-1 and Sylvia is 24-4.


6 Sylvia of course recently fought for the UFC interim heavyweight belt against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. He lost and then as you can see by the above number split ways with the promotion. UFC president Dana White had tried to sign Fedor previously and then there was the Randy Couture debacle, and now Sylvia has hit the road, but White isn't sweating it because he speculates that the UFC will have a major network TV deal within (6) months with Fox rumored to be the frontrunner. This certainly won't make Bill O'Reilly happy and neither will my opinion piece that offers up why outrage over MMA can now be responded to with a six of one hand half dozen of the other attitude (yes I know this one is a stretch) meaning they can say what they want, we don't care and it's not going to hurt the sport.


And now for those of you who were wondering about Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin, check out my blog Sports by the Numbers MMA ....


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