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I was sifting through the draft report on several of the key prospects on It seemed to me that the top 5 guys they had listed at each position weren't all that appealing. So it occurred to me that I'd dig a bit deeper and see if there weren't any second round or even second day picks who'd make an impact. Just so we're clear, I'm just nutshelling what I found on NFL's own site. I tried to pick most guys who showed some promise based upon the bio listed. Anyway...enjoy. Here are the offensive skill positions: 



Colt Brennan (QB) Like Alex Smith, good WC guy.

Brian Brohm (QB) Likened to Brees. Slow starter? Good 1ate 1st or 2nd round pick

Dennis Dixon (QB) Scrambler likened to Moon. Good one to take a flier on in 2nd round.

Alex Brink (QB) Smart but streaky? Good 2nd day pick

Chad Henne (QB) < happy feet, INT’s, too much like Harrington. Streaky.

Josh Johnson (QB) He’ll be a second day sleeper. He is a great scrambler like Cunningham. If given time to develop could wind up a great starting QB.

Sam Keller (QB) A Pocket passer with a big arm. Immobile QB who will need a good line to protect him. Needs to improve mechanics and seek secondary targets.

Xavier Lee (QB)  Has a great arm, but will need to develop as a backup before he can start. He is compared to Tony Banks, and we know how that worked out.

Bernard Morris (QB) He’s compared to Losman. A great athlete, but inconsistent.

Kevin O'Connell (QB) Can make every throw in the NFL, including the long bomb. Might need time to develop behind a starter for a few years.

. T.C. Ostrander (QB) He’s compared to his predecessor Trent Edwards. However there are questions as to his instincts on the field.

Andre' Woodson (QB) He could either be an Akili Smith or a Jason Campbell. This depends upon whether or not he can become a good leader and work on his short range accuracy. He has the tools to be a good QB, but has to develop into the role.



Jamaal Charles (RB) is promising tandem back like Julius Jones.

Matt Forte (RB) is a good receiver, has balance and moves like Edge James.

Justin Forsett (RB) Another speedy perimeter runner like MJD.

Jerome Felton (FB) is a punishing back like Bettis.

Chris Johnson (RB) might wind up to be a faster and as dangerous version of Westbrook.

Lex Hilliard (RB) is a Wal-Mart version of MB3 who has similar traits in his punishing running style.

Owen Schmitt (FB) is being compared to Larry Czonka. That’s high praise, but then he’s supposed to be a great blocker and a punishing runner.

Ray Rice (RB) is likened to Emmitt Smith in size and running style. He could be a huge steal if he were to improve his receiving skills.

Kalvin McRae (RB) has strength and speed, but could be a practice squad dummy or a UDFA surprise like Grant was.

Marcus Thomas (RB) is a patient runner who can get the short yardage. He has no breakaway speed, but could be a good change of pace guy.

 Adarius Bowman


Donnie Avery (WR) Speedy route runner like Kevin Curtis.

Jabari Arthur (WR) is like Brandon Marshall, but not speedy. He can run routes well and might be a good over the middle WR.

Dorien Bryant (WR) is like Sean McDonald. A speedy, second gear type WR.

Adarius Bowman (WR) is similar to Braylon Edwards. He is a good open field runner who is physical.

Will Franklin (WR) is speedy like Roddy White. But he’s not the best route runner.

Harry Douglas (WR) is a speedster like Yamon Figurs.

D.J. Hall (WR) is a good vertical threat.

So these are the skill positions. I'll post OL's and the Defensive side of the ball later. 


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