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This is a continuation of my previous blog that broke down some not so known guys that could go later in the draft. They don't have the flash and dash that the big name guys have, but they could contribute and be second day steals. You can read these for yourself if you have the time and patience on if you like, but I thought I'd pick out the prospects with the more favorable reviews. 

Red Bryant

Red Bryant (DT) A mauler and a great pass rusher. Shows great promise and is compared to Casey Hampton of the Steelers.

Tommy Blake (DE) gifted former Horned Frog who shows great promise, but odd behavior like Demetrius Underwood. If he can conquer his demons, he might be a great pick.

Kentwan Balmer (DE) a late bloomer who has a questionable work ethic. If he can get it in gear he'd be a force to be reckoned with like NYG's Robbins.

Eric Bakhtiari (DE) is a potential situational pass rusher like GB's KGB.

Quentin Groves

Quentin Groves (DE) has great promise as a 34 LB/DE hybrid in the mold of Ware and Merriman.

Chris Ellis (DE) is compared to Simeon Rice in his mentality and play. He has quick moves and some power to get to the QB.

Keilen **** (DE) has a good motor, but doesn't always see the play developing.

Lionel Dotson (DE) a possible 5 technique end for a 34 defense. He's compared to Darnell Dockett.

Johnny Dingle (DE) a good pass rusher who compares to Greg Spires formerly of the Bucs.

UCLA's Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis (DE) compares favorably to Tedy Bruschi, and could make the same conversion to a 34 or stay at 43 as an edge rusher.

Derrick Gray (DE) has great size and power, but has a questionable work ethic. He could be a good 2nd day pick.

Rudolph Hardie (DE) a raw prospect who has great skills similar to Osi Umenyiora.

Chris Harrington (DE) has more willpower than technique, but could be a great pass rusher with time.

Kurt Hout (DT) is considered a tweener because of his size. However, he is touted as having great instincts for getting to the ball. He might be a good late round pick to develop later.

Kenny Iwebema (DE) is likened to Reggie Hayward of JAX. He's touted as being a great run stuffer who can take on double teams.

Curtis Johnson (DE) is compared to Joey Porter when he first came out of school. He doesn't have the same instincts as JPizzle, but he has a nasty hand punch. Look out Bengals lineman!


Kendall Langford (DT) compares to Seymor and Warren of the Pats. He's a good run stuffer who could be a complete package if he can pick up a few pass rush moves.

Derek Lokey (DL) can split double teams, and can also double as a goal line FB and Long Snapper in a jam. Does he clean windows too?

James McClinton (DT) is a hardcore DT with a relentless motor. He can be unblockable and will always gravitate to the ball. Even if he's blocked he'll keep moving till the whistle blows.

Dre Moore (DT) is compared to his fellow MD alum. Kris Jenkins. Moore isn't as hefty as Jenkins, but he can bull rush past blockers with ease.

Ogemdi Nwagbuo (DT) might not do well as a NT, but could compliment another DT with his strength and drive to get to the ball.

Laying down the Laws

Trevor Laws (DT) might not do great as a single gap rusher between center and guard, but he could do well in a stunt style defense. He's a former wrestler also. I can just hear Boomer now, "I fought the Laws, and the Laws won."

Carlton Powell (DT) a quick run stuffer who can take on double teams.

DeMario Pressley (DT) a smallish guy like Darnell Dockett who could do well as a 34 End.


Vincent Redd (DE) compares to M. Kiwanuka for better or worse. He might do better as a 43 LB on the SAM side.

Darrell Robertson (DE) is a light and speedy rusher that many compare to Jason Taylor. Perhaps he could be a good 34 OLB.

Pat Sims

Pat Sims (DT) A great gap shooter like MN's Kevin Williams.


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