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In keeping with the other two blogs I wrote on lesser known players. The first was about offensive skill positions, while the second was strictly Defensive Lineman.

I'll drop my LB list on you now. Feel free to comment, or just skim and read. I did try to narrow down the list, but there were a few special teamers I added in. One I omitted, but might be of interest was Bo Ruud, who is brother to Buc Barrett, both of whom share the dad who played in the NFL. I guess they're "almost" NFL royalty. Without further ado, here is the LB list:



Adibi Adabee 

Xavier Adibi (LB) doesn’t have the top instincts that most look for in an LB, but he can make the lateral movement, and could switch to SS for the right team.

Steve Allen (ILB) has some character issues, but has horizontal speed that can make him an asset as an ILB or safety.

Cliff Avril (OLB) could be as good as Shaun Phillips or his former linemate Anthony Spencer as a 34 OLB. He has the measurables and speed to make an impact.

Alvin Bowen (OLB) is good enough in coverage that he’d be a nice fit in a Cover 2 like Cato June.

Titus Brown (OLB) high motor player who can play inside or outside, but would be best suited to OLB. Has the speed to beat tackles as well.


Dan Connor (OLB) is like a bookend twin of Paul Posluszny, as they both went to Linebacker U. Connor might not have the range of PPos, but he has the same instinct to swarm to the ball.

Shawn Crable (OLB) is like Shaun Phillips, in that he’d be a great edge rusher. He might not be so great though at evading and handling blocks.

Jo-Lonn Dunbar (OLB) is a smallish but fierce LB who has instincts for the ball like Lofa Tatupu.

Vince Hall (ILB) is a lot like Edge Hartwell. He’s a great hitter and can play downhill well.

Ali Boom-Bayae! 

Ali Highsmith (OLB) is a smallish LB that compares favorably to Derrick Brooks. He has the same drive and heart as Brooks, as well as the instincts that the former Bucs LB showed.

Robert James (OLB) is another LB who would work well as a WILL LB in a Cover 2 situation, and compares somewhat to Cato June.

Jeremy Leman (LB) has the football sense that all coaches would love. However, with ankle surgery and apparent lack of speed, he might wind up a UDFA. He’s still worth a look in the latest rounds or after.




Spencer Larsen (OLB) has great field vision and can make plays in front of him like James Farrior.

Joe Mays (ILB) bulky but small LB who favors London Fletcher-Baker.

Lamar Myles (OLB) has range and quickness to either be a cover 2 LB or a FS for a team that wants to take a flier on him.

Brandon Ogletree (OLB) is a good raw prospect who could contribute right away on special teams and could eventually crack the roster.

Kelly Poppinga (OLB) is similar to his big brother Brady. He’d be a good fit on the inside, but will mostly contribute at special teams.

Kelly Poppinga 



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