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Day 1 of the draft and the top 10 went pretty much as I expected.

I said all along for weeks now that the Fins and Rams would go Long (I had the Fins taking Chris though for a while), Falcons would take Ryan, the Raiders would take McFadden and the Jets would take Gholston.

Ryan will have an immediate impact in Atlanta. Yes, I know how many interceptions the kid threw last year but in his defense, BC threw the ball a whole lot more than they did in the seasons before. Overall, I think Atlanta did the right thing. They drafted for need because they sure need a QB.

Like I said, I knew the Raiders would TAKE McFadden - I think we all knew - but Im still not sure why. Oakland has much bigger holes to fill than a RB right now. Maybe they drafted him so that they had a bargaining chip later? Kind of thing where they draft him so noone else can and then use him to get what they really need? Aw who am I kidding, Al Davis is senile.

Gholston to the Jets is no big suprise either. Damn if I didnt want to see this kid in a Patriots uniform though. The Jets knew if they didnt take him, NE would and thats the last thing they wanted. If it wasn't Gholston, it would have been Dorsey but KC beat the Jets to Dorsey.

Speaking of Dorsey, I like this pick for KC. He's about even in my book with Chris Long, but KC had no chance at Long. The Chiefs really need help on the offensive line and at defensive end, but with Dorsey still around for the pick, they had to take him. Dorsey is the kind of player that will have an immediate impact. He's not real big, but he can sneak right under that offensive line.

I expected that the Patriots would probably trade the 7th pick and they did. They now have an extra 3rd round picks and we all know, Pioli and Belichick find infinitely more possibilities in latter rounds than they do the first 2. Noone can manipulate a draft board like Pioli and Belichick. Day 2 of the draft ought to be fun.

The Bengals taking Rivers I thought was a great move for them. I wish they had taken Mayo so we could have taken Rivers but que sera sera. With all thats going on with Chad Johnson, this pick will give Bengals fans a reason for hope.

New Orleans took Sedrick Ellis, another player I would have killed to see the Pats take. This kid can motor into the backfield and is bound to make his presence felt from the first snap of the season.

Jacksonville taking Derrick Harvey while not surprising was a bit unusual. I thought Harvey would go later, maybe somewhere between 10 and 15. He's not fast but he's big and for a big guy, he has some good vertical strength so he can certainly tip a few passes and create some havoc for a quarterback without ever getting near him.

Patriots taking Mayo is still something Im digesting and looking over. Its virtually unheard of to see the Patriots draft a linebacker with such an early pick, but lets face facts. The Pats line isnt getting any younger. Bruschi and Seau (if he comes back) can't possibly and shouldn't be expected, to carry the load all the time. My only problem is that Tennessee runs a 4-3 and Belichick runs a 3-4. Can Mayo adapt? I think its a good pick though considering. I especially like that he can line up at inside or outside. We know how Bill loves versatility in his players. Especially on the defensive side. 

The kid I thought the Patriots would take once I heard about the pick trade with the Saints, was Leodis McKelvin. I was actually surprised they didn't. They let him go and he ends up in Buffalo which may end up making Patriots fans crazy for 2 games this season. McKelvin is fast. Really fast. Any INT this kid makes - and he will -  has the potential to end up as a TD. Even if Buffalo only uses him on special teams at first, he's going to be dangerous to the other teams in the AFC East. Bills fans should be ecstatic right about now.

Dallas taking Jenkins was a bit of a suprise. He's really not that good a corner. He makes some big mistakes on coverage. He could probably easily handle punt or kick returns though. Maybe thats what they have in mind for him. I mean come one, they just got Pacman right? Isnt Pacman supposed to singlehandedly make the big difference on that Dallas defense? The elite corner they wanted so badly ? Time will tell I guess.

Love to hear what you all think of the picks from the 1st round !


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