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 The steals of the Draft


The Minnesota Vikings draft Jhon David Booty.  They will win 11 games this season easily.  They will win 11 games because of John David.  Even if he doesn't start.  Tavaris Jackson could be the starter the Vikings want but will he is the question.  My answer is John David Booty will be starting by week 6 after the Vivings have gon 2-4.  The Vikings were lucky to get Booty in round 5.  Booty had great stats including 55 touchdowns in 2 yaers starting for the Trojans ans 1 of those years without an outside threat.  Plus he is proven in big games with 2 rosebowl victories.  Booty will thrive with the vikings and will have 3 stages in his 1st season.  He will have a learning period which will be very short because he learns systems very quickly and will probably learn it in the preseason.  He will have a game manager stage this will include throwing short easy completions and handing the ball off as much as possible.  And the final stage will be field general this will be where he takes the bull by the horns and becomes the leader of the team.  I know these stages because they are what happend at USC where he was a winner and made USC look better than it really was something that was exposed when he got injured and they didn't look invincible all of a sudden.  The Vikings have an easy system that involves handing the ball to Chester and AP Booty will learn that he doesn't have to be the star in minnesota and he will lead the Vikings to there first playoff apperance in a while.

Here are 2 more teams that got steals


San diego Chargers;  Jacob Hester-  I was jumping for joy I heardthe Chargers drafted Jacob Hester.  I normaly hate anything from LSU but Hester is hard to hate.  I can think of only 1 word to describe him "old school"  the guy is a bruiser he comes to you not away from you and finishes runs.  The best thing about him is he can play full back too.  Are you kidding me?  How many teams are not looking forward to playing against the Chargers in the redzone?  this team was insanly good before Hester and now we can line him up at full back and LT at Half back and With Gates and Jackson we also have two recieving threats in the red zone.  Hester welcome to san diego I hope you stay forever even if you aren't that good because you bring the same mentality as the guy you back up "just score and help the team win" something that players have forgotten these days.


New york Jets;  Erik Ainge-  Could easily become the Jets QB of the future.  He is a very quick thinker and made there O-Line look better by being able to pick up pressure and getting the ball out of his hand.  He brings the quality that the 2 main competitors bring as individuals.  He brings an arm a little better than kellen clemens.  He may not be as accurate as Chad Pennington, yet but still is better than Clemens.  Ainge is a work in progress but in a year or two Jets fans could be cheering on there new QB from Tennesse.



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