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Ok, like most arm chair GM's out there I have my own thoughts on what the Cowboys -should- have done in the draft and what they actually did do. As worthless as those thoughts are, here goes...

What I wanted:

Trade one of those first rounders (along with maybe a 3rd rounder) for an established veteran WR. Seemed to be a few who might be available in Chad Johnson, Roy Williams, or Anquan Boldin

What Happened:

By most accounts the Boys tried to do exactly that but couldn't find anyone willing to deal. Can't dance without a partner, I guess.

What I wanted:

Use the other 1st rounder to draft a starting quality cornerback.

What happened:

They moved up from #28 to #25 to grab Mike Jenkins. #1 or #2 corner on most teams boards. The guy has the size, speed, and hands to be a receiver. Might be something special at CB. Love this pick.

What I wanted:

In a draft deep at the RB position, I was hoping after the first two on my wish list came true the Cowboys would be able to snag a speed back to compliment Marion Barber in the second round. 

What happened:

Obviously the Cowboys valued this need even more than I did. Not only did they use the #22 pick in the draft to snag Felix Jones, they passed up Mendenhall (who NOBODY though would fall that far) in the process. Apparently the team has a ton of faith they will be able to sign MBIII to a long term contract. As long as that's true, then Jones was the best choice here since he provides the homerun threat they are missing with MBIII and gives them a helluva kickoff return guy on special teams. IF, however, Barber doesn't re-sign they will regret passing on Mendenhall. No way Jones is an every down back in the NFL.

In the 2nd round they took a TE who should be the perfect compliment to Jason Witten. Very similar in style and ability. Great pass catcher and good blocker. Might see more two TE sets next year if they don't come up with a vet receiver via trade and Terry Glenn can't go. 

What I wanted:

The Cowboys came into this draft as a deep team in most areas. I wanted 2 CB's, 2 RB's, and a TE to replace Fasano who was traded just before the draft.

What happened:

That's exactly what they did.  2 RB, 2 CB's and a top grade TE.

Bonus: Trader Jerry came into the 2nd day of the draft (rounds 3-7) with but 3 picks left. He managed to parlay those three by virtue of 6 trades into several more picks including a 3rd and a 4th round pick in next years draft.  

Side note: A lot of Cowboys fans wanted to see a WR drafted. Not me. I wanted no part of this class of WR. Look at the Redskins...what did they draft? 4 or 5 pass catchers hoping to find ONE worth a damn? The Cowboys didn't need to throw darts at a position and hope to hit on one. And even Jerry was reined in when he WANTED to move up to take a receiver but the rest of the war room said NO. After 20 years, he's finally learned to listen to the experts he hires. ;-)  

All in all I'd grade this draft as a definate A for Jerry. Turns into an A+ if he's able to ink Marion Barber to a long term deal in the near future.

What do you think? 



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