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Today I played a season with the Uconn Huskies,remembering one game,here it is

Its the final game of the season for Uconn and WV,both teams are 11-0 and have nation championship dreams in the back of there mind,who ever wins this game goes on to be the big east champion and play in the National Championship,alots on the line.After 3 quarters it was 28-0 WV but some how some way,the score didnt stay that way at the end.

WV was at there own fourthy to begin the 4th quarter,on the first play they threw a sixty yard bom for a touchdown and the score was 35-0.The next thing you know BAM Uconn scores on the kickoff return.With just over 2:30 left(I play 3 minutes) the scores 35-7 and now there momentum lader has decreased for WV.Uconn decided not to go for an onside kick,instead kicking the ball as high as the kicker could,on the return one of WV's running backs got the ball,looking for a td return he decided to hold the ball with one hand and BAM FUMBLE.After a few seconds of rooling on the ground a huskie player picks it up and now its a game.The first play was an option which got stopped behind the line but then on the next play,they go deep,as luck would have it the defenders right on the widereciver and a safties coming over to try to get the pick,the saftey tips it up in the end zone after just barly missing the int,but the wide reciver #3 dives and makes the catch right before it hits the ground,and the scores 14-35 with less then two minutes remaining in regulation.

 After the kickoff,Steve Slaton gets 10 yards on the option,and Pat White gets another 5 when he scrambles out of the pocket.There must have been something in the air because WV passed the ball,when they did it was a deep pass,i mean a real deep pass,when it finally was in reach at around Uconns 20 yard line,the safty jumped up and BAM an int,the safty ran as fast as he could,spun past a wide reciver and then juked the qb on his way to the end zone.After that the score was 21-35 with less then 1:30 seconds remaining.

 The next WV posesson was 3-0,three stright runs,one for 5 yards,the next for three,and the last one stoped behind the line.The only bad part was that they wasted 50 seconds,so with about 40 seconds on the clock and no time outs left,the huskies got the ball.To me,the drive signifed there whole season,run for no gain,a long pass that got dropped,and on third down a reverse that got stopped behind the line.Soon enough it was fourth and 15 with less then 30 seconds on the clock.Uconn decided to go for it and BAM,a touchdown,the qb threw a perfect ball and when the wide reicver caught it there was only one man to beat which he juked out and scored.

18 seconds on the clock,score 28-35 onside kick and Yes,the Huskies have it,the Huskies have it.The stadium was going nuts and you could feel the fans screaming,the field was shaking,it was a pefect yet pressure packed moment.Once the Huskies take the field at about the fifty they throw it to the tight end for a 15 yard gain.As luck would have it that one play took about 8 seconds of the clock and with no timeouts Uconn quickly ran back to line.With only 10  seconds left on there own 36 the qb called hike,WHAM he was sacked,the whole crowd quickly became quit as they saw the qb tring to get up but he ended up not,the trainer came over and a time out was called by the refs.With 4 seconds left,Uconns backup qb was now taking the biggest snap in there history."Hike" the qb screamed and all the wide recivers ran there routes to the end zone,since no one was open the qb just stood there waiting for someone to get open,rightafter the clock stikes zero he throws the ball into the endzone near number three hoping his best wide reciver can save his as$ and catch the game winning touchdown.As the balls in the air,WV's saftey comes over he jumps right in front of #3 and.............Picks the ball off.The games over,Uconns run at history is over and so is there dreams at the national championship.The final score 28-35,hope you enjoyed



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