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Normally, I am very much against Joe Torre tinkering around with the lineup since it seems obvious that a successful lineup is one that is un-**** around with. However, something needs to be done to get this team going and make the offense more consistent. The lineup I propose, without Jason Giambi who's lost to injury, would be as follows:
  1. Derek Jeter, SS-Derek is a .317 career hitter in the leadoff spot with a .390 OBP, both of which are right on par with his career averages, his slugging percentage, .472, is also eight points higher than his career slugging percentage. For his career, when leading off an inning, he hits .335, .390, and .531. With the captain batting first, I'd expect the Yankees struggling offense to get a much-needed boost right off of the bat.
  2. Johnny Damon, DH-Something needs to be done to get him going. Perhaps having someone on base, and the prospect of seeing better pitches sandwiched between Jeter and Posada (see next spot in the order) will get Johnny going. His numbers in the two hole for his career drop only two points in average and slugging, and three points in on base percentage but I think between the hot hitting Jeter and Posada, his numbers would rise.
  3. Jorge Posada, C-Posada is having a career year and needs to be moved up in the order so his bat can be more effectively used. In incredibly limited time in this spot, a whopping seven plate appearances, Posada is batting .429 with a .429 OBP, and a 1.143 slugging percentage. The way he is hitting this year, if he had more runners on base, and he would with Jeter and Damon right in front of him, his production would shoot through the roof and give the Yankees another spark at the top of the order.
  4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B-This is obvious. He's having a great year and should not be moved from the number four spot.
  5. Robinson Cano, 2B-Cano's bat is starting to come alive, finally. Last year he showed that he could drive in runs so why not let the heart of the order get on base in front of him so he can drive them home?
  6. Hideki Matsui, LF-Hideki has some of his best career numbers from the six spot. His average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage in that spot are all higher than his career numbers. For his career, Hideki hits a home run every 26 at bats but out of the six spot, it's every 23.5 at bats. It's not a huge difference but it could help a lot in a struggling offense.
  7. Melky Cabrera, CF-Melky boasts his third highest split average (.298), highest split OBP (.392), highest split slugging percentage (.476) and highest split OPS (.868) while batting seventh. With Giambi now out, Melky will be seeing consistent playing time, which he needs to be effective, and putting him in the seven hole will get the most production out of him.
  8. Josh Phelps, 1B-With Doug gone (/sheds a tear), Phelps will now see all the playing time at first base. He's having a pretty nice year with a few timely hits and perhaps more playing time will get him going even more. Josh boasts a .903 OPS from the eighth batting spot so putting him there will help. He also hits .284 from that spot which is fifteen points above his career average.
  9. Bobby Abreu, RF-Bobby is struggling...badly. However, last night's game versus Boston with taking some pitches, going deeper into counts, and making pretty good contact showed vintage Abreu. His numbers in the ninth spot, in only 28 plate appearances, aren't too great but a guy like him, who can see a lot of pitches and get on base, is great to have before order turns over. Putting men on base for Jeter can only do good things.


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