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You should know me by now, I am the basketball guru. Let's get to the chase.

Larry Brown Hired By Charlotte

This is a milestone for Larry Brown! This is the 1100th team he has coached. Do the Bobcats get a prize for being his 100th customer? I am just kidding, but I do prove a point in my joke, larry Brown is like a gold digger he will stay if you give him money, but eventually the money isn't enough to compensate for your flaws and he moves on to another sugar daddy. Brown doesn't like losing and can't make a young team better so this is a bad match for both. Brown will be out in one to two years max.

Nuggets swept By the Lakers

This was inevitible, but I would of liked to see some hustle from AI and Melo instead of the J.R. Smith show in Game Four. I mean he was the leading scorer on a team with the two biggest ballhogs in the NBA! He obviously brought his stock up with his performance in the series. If only Coach Karl could teach him to stop shooting contested 3's. Is anyone noticing the Lakers are slowly turning into the front-runners for the title. Kobe is a machine, Bynum is coming back soon and Dallas, and Pheonix are likely on their way out. The Lakers will still have to take out Utah and San Antonio, but right now they are the favorites.

Celtics and Pistons Have Trouble With 76ers/Hawks

This must be making the experts furious. They have complained that the level of parity in the East is so bad that only two teams had a chance to even be fodder for the West. Now the sub .500 76ers are tied with Detroit and almost made it a 3-1 series and Atlanta has won two in a row at home to a Celtic team that was obviously trying their hardest with all the jawing they were doing. Which brings me to this. Shouldn't Orlando and Cleveland be sitting back with popcorn in hand relishing the oppurtunity to take down these two struggling teams or even play the Hawks or 76ers in the second round. This seems to make the east a little more interesting.

The Raptors Lose to Orlando

This is the most touchy subject for me being an insane Raptors fan. The Raptors, despite a great performance by Chris Bosh all series and seeming to find the kryptonite for Superman Dwight Howard for long stretches of the series, lost in 5. I think it is time for the Raptors to start cutting some ties with a coulpe of players including the only #1 pick in their franchise's history, Andrea Bargini. He most likely wouln't be playing if he wasn't the #1 pick and I think the raptors are tired of always losing in the first round and need to change it up bad and getting rid of a future bust while they can is a good option. They also could go the route I am suggesting in my next topic.

Phoenix on the Brink of Another defeat By San Antonio

After a thrilling first game, this has turned into a slaughter for the suns, who are likely on the outs and need to make a coulple of moves in the offseason. Including getting rid of my favorite player of all time, Steve Nash. I think a good move would be to shop him to Toronto, where they have obvious leverage with Nash being a Canadian hero and all. also they can pick hip Tj ford and/or Jose Calderon and maybe Baragni or a coulple of draft picks. They also need to get rid of Shaq. He complety destroyed their playing style and made Steve Nash's job twice as hard. The only advantage is that he made Amare twice as good as he was before. Bottom line is the Suns have good young talent in Barbosa and Amare, they need to move their seperate ways with a couple of players who most likely won't win in Arizona.

That is my blog stay posted for new updates.


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