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St. Louis Die Hards Group Blog 2008 NFL Draft Review about 8 hours ago :: 49 Views Back and forth the Rams supposedly went as the day of the draft approached. Glenn Dorsey or Chris Long? Two days before the draft, coach Scott Linehan and player personnel chief Billy Devaney said the pair were rated so close together, either was a possibility. It later was reported that Dorsey was No. 1 on the team's board and Long slightly behind. When push came to shove, and trade options for the second pick in the draft diminished, the Rams pulled the trigger on Long to upgrade an aging defensive end position and add potential leadership to the locker room. It was said that defensive coordinator Jim Haslett favored Dorsey, and he didn't deny that. However, Haslett said he loves Dorsey but a great DE prospect is hard to come by and he respects the desicion and that both would have been good picks. While Linehan anointed Long the team's starter at right end, Long knows he has a lot of work to do. One constant theme throughout the draft was the Rams eyeing players with character and a love for the game. Early in the second round, the Rams selected the first receiver taken in the draft and opened some eyes with the choice of Houston's Donnie Avery. In addition to outstanding speed and big-play ability, he ALSO has great character and shows it on and off the field constantly. Best Pick: DE Chris Long. The second overall pick in the draft better be the team's best pick. He is expected to step right in and start on the right side, but coaches love his versatility, and he could be used at several positions, if necessary. While his 40 speed wasn't great, his 10-yard splits were in line with the some of the faster pass rushers in the draft. A closer look at the Rams' pick: Round 1/2-Chris Long, DE, 6-3, 279, Virginia On a team that totaled 5.5 sacks from its defensive ends last season, Long is expected to jump right in and start at right end. He hates the term high motor, but Long is just that: A relentless competitor in the mod of his Pro Football Hall of Fame father, Howie Long. Notes ??? DE Chris Long, the Rams' first-round pick, was asked if he has a preference of what number he will wear with the team. Long wore No. 91 in college, but that belongs to Rams DE Leonard Little. However, Long said there's no way it will be No. 75, the number worn by his father Howie in the NFL. Asked if that would be a distraction, Long said, "Yeah it would. I think that I am cool with the pressure, but there is no need to shovel it on myself." Again, Linehan is picking good football players but at the same time, great people. We may not win 12 games this year but we sure as hell aint gonna be the Cincinnati Bengels. - Jay (StLDieHard) ** aka Skip Schumaker **


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